The Top 5 Fragrance Trends For 2014

First impression is not just about having a perfect outfit, but smelling good too. It is amazing how you can remember someone just by the fragrance that person uses. What type of fragrance to buy is surely a daunting task since it depends on many things like your mood, period of year, latest trends, etc. If you want to get in the world of fashion, look and smell trendy, search every online perfume store to find out what are the top 5 fragrance trends popular this 2014.


Middle Eastern Influence – So many designers are inspired by Arabia and Middle East, especially agarwood, also known as oud. This trend is highlighted this 2013/2014 season, since many popular designers use saffron, myrrh and eternal orient scents in their popular fragrance editions. If you want to leave an impression, choose Myrrhe Imperiale from the Armani Prive line and Jo Malone’s Saffron. These woody perfumes packed in signature bottles are fashion accessory you must have this season. Also, Yves Saint Laurent perfume, M7 Oud Absolu, is another fragrance inspired by the Middle East and is quite popular this season.

Intense And Extreme – Most frequently asked question on every online perfume store is how long does certain fragrance last. If you are a fan of strong long-lasting fragrances, now is the time to buy your favorite fragrance. Intense and extreme is the new fragrance trend for this season. Ives Saint Lauren perfume Manifesto is perfectly seductive, intense and long-lasting. Also, Dolce & Gabbana and Eli Saab are proposing an intense version of their signature scents.

Passionately Red – As trendy as gold and black are, this season is all about red. Browse your favorite online perfume store for Hugo Red by Hugo Boss, which is definitely top pick for the season. Polo Red by Ralph Lauren is another incredible mix of red saffron and red grapefruit with ambery notes makeing this perfume perfect for men who love adrenaline, speed and seduction.

Gardenia Scents – Another fragrance trend that made boom this year, is the use of flowers like yiang, iris and neroli. If you love perfumes that have fruity oriental notes, buy Caron’s My Yiang from your favorite perfume store and express your sensual feminine side. If however, you are more into iris notes, choose Penhaligon’s Iris Prima or Les Cascades de Rochas Songe d’ Iris with its fresh, fruity notes. Kenzo de Kenzo perfume is number one feminine scent for everyday use that has fruity aroma and beautiful scent of amber and orange blossom.

Leather Trails – 2013/2014 will be marked by the leather trend not only in the fashion, but in the world of fragrances as well. Bottega Veneta is the first fragrance that actually showcased leather but with light touch. Black XS by Paco Rabanne inspired by the world of rock music went for black leather packaging that denotes popular fragrance trend. Leather fragrances that you can find in the perfume store are Yves Saint Laurent perfume Noble Leather, Irish Leather by Memo and others.

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