The Trendiest Types of Toys for Toddler Girls and Boys

When it comes to choosing a toy for your toddler, it’s best to look for ones that combine fun and education. There are so many things kids can learn through play, things that prepare them for their development ahead, such as social, motor and problem solving skills.

Must Have Toys for Toddlers

Cookware and Dining Set

Children love to copy adults, especially when it comes to cooking and serving lunch or dinner. So instead of making a mess and getting into trouble by touching real plates and bowls, you can get your toddler a cookware and dining set. There are tons of them to choose from – the eco-friendly toddler toy sets being the safest choice. These sets can vary regarding the number of pieces, but they all usually contain a certain number of plates, bowls, cups, utensil sets, stockpot with a lid, etc.Cookware toys

You can either go for a wooden set (although a little bulky and heavy) or one made from eco-friendly plastic free of harmful chemicals like phthalates, PBA and PVC. In other words, food-safe and recycled plastic. Playing with such set can help your little one engage in imaginative and relaxing play. These toys help in the development of both cognitive and motor skills.

Fruit and Vegetable Chopping Set

Usually, these sets are made of wood, however, plastic options are also available. Both are great for improving your kid’s fine motor skills and imagination. Usually, each vegetable and fruit has two halves that are connected with the help of velcro, so kids can realistically cut them in halves. Except for cutting, they can do their own pretend play where they can cook and create delicious meals for you and for the whole family.

Building Blocks

Building BlocksBuilding blocks are another amazing toy that can help your kid improve his/her fine motor skills while stimulating his/her imagination. Building blocks are ideal for hours of building and rebuilding fun, the bigger the bag, the more fun.

Wooden Pegged Puzzle

These puzzles are the ideal way to help your kid learn about shapes, colours, animals and objects. They are easy to grasp, specially designed for the little hands of children, making it perfect for developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Drum Set

Drum SetYou might not love it because of the noise, but such toy can definitely become your kid’s favourite. A drum set is great for keeping your kid’s lmind and hands busy while creating fun sounds. Depending on the model and brand you choose, you can opt for an electronic drum set that has several different modes that can help your kid learn to count, learn the letters and memorise some sounds.

Shopping Cart

Kids love going to the grocery and filling up the shopping cart with whatever crosses their way. Therefore, a kids’ shopping cart is the ideal way to give them the pleasure of ‘shopping’ at home whenever they need it. This universal and unisex toy can keep your kid engaged for hours. Usually, they are made of plastic, just make sure to choose one that is durable, PVC, BPA and phthalate-free. These carts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, which means that they can be used literally everywhere. Your kid can even carry it with him/her when going on a walk or when doing real shopping in a store.

Sort and Stack Toy

Stack and sort toys are available in different sizes and shapes. These can be made from plastic and wood, and their main purpose is to help kids learn about shapes and colours. The benefits of investing in such toy are many and fun is guaranteed.

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