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The Trends of Better Sleep

You know the drill, the new year comes and you start (or rather dream of) making resolutions. Don’t, just don’t because you know the probability of making them happen, and wasting your time trying to make them happen. If you want to actually make a ground-breaking change in your lifestyle, start paying more attention to sleep: the quality of sleep, how much you sleep, and how much it is you require to sleep – these are the trends you should implement in your life this year.

Pillow Case

Surely, you’ve heard (or read) by now that we spend one third of our lives sleeping which is why it’s so important. Wondering where to begin with making for more quality sleep in your life you shouldn’t look further than your bedding: the pillow case, the sheets, the blanket. What matters is the thread count along with the materials they’re made of, because even though it might not seem so, they make a great part of the conditions for a good night’s sleep (e.g. cotton, bamboo) or one of tossing and turning (e.g. synthetic materials).

When your pillow case, sheets, and blankets have a greater thread count (400, 500), and are made of high quality materials such as organic cotton, or bamboo, what you can count on is softness, with comfortable finish (think sateen), durability, and luxury – what sweet dreams are made of. Apart from these properties, organic materials like cotton and bamboo make for breathability, thermoregulation, and hypoallergenic properties as a result.

Now that we’ve covered the bedding trends, the mattress trend. Yes, you’ve heard all about the benefits of the different types of mattresses, why you should get innerspring, or memory foam, but truth is you can’t always get it right with the mattress purchase. If you feel like you don’t have the right support even after you’ve made the purchase, look for a topper instead – problem solved. It could help with back pain as well, and in case you need further support dealing with conditions like reflux, you could throw in a wedge too. This takes the comfort of reading in bed to another level.

Though electronics are always trendy, if you want to make it right when turning a sanctuary out of your bedroom, leave them out unless you want to get yourself in trouble with the sleep patterns. Screen light out, blue light in. The thing with the blue lights is they are created to guide you through meditation, and slow breathing techniques, so you’d relax and get into deep sleep.

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