The Western Trend: Cowboy Style Key Fashion Pieces

The cowboy figure has inspired many designers and has been seen through different interpretations, scattered across runways, social media posts and magazines. Western-themed events are becoming more popular, so if you’re wondering what to wear when the invitation calls for some Western flair, here are a few staple pieces every man needs to add to his closet.

Today’s Western style takes inspiration from the traditional clothing worn in the American West, including cowboy boots, jeans, hats and more. It’s all about the spirit and attitude inspired by the Old West, honouring the traditions and crafts of that time. To give off a Western look, you need the right pieces to make it come together.

The Western Trend for Men

Key Pieces to Pull Off a Western Look and How to Style Them Right

It seems like Western wear will hardly ever go out of style, but will keep upgrading the everyday outfit to something that separates your look from the others. That’s why it’s a good idea to add these staple Western pieces to your wardrobe.

Cowboy Boots

Nothing says Western style more than cowboy boots. Cowboy boots for men are classic pieces of footwear with a rich history. The cowboy boots as we know them today originated in the American Southwest during the mid-1800s. They grew in popularity with the rise of the industrial era, when manufacturing these boots became less time-consuming and more efficient.

But boots weren’t only in the United States. Australia is a land of cattle, outback, cowboys and horse riders. The cowboy boot style is popular in Australia as well and you can find cowboy boots for men and add variety to your wardrobe. Cowboy leather boots are comfortable and durable and can instantly enhance your appearance. They are one of the most important parts of every cowboy outfit, so you need to find a perfect pair of boots to achieve the best possible western look.

Cowboy Boots for Men

You can combine the classic cowboy boots with every coat and a pair of jeans you have. They are powerful and elegant and you can wear them on various occasions. Consider toe shape as men’s square toe cowboy boots can easily add toughness to your look, while pointed-toe boots offer a more classic look.

If you’re aiming for the classic cowboy look, then black cowboy boots are a perfect choice. But if you’re going for a more casual look, then you can opt for men’s cowboy boots in a dusty brown or dark brown colour as boots in brown make a perfect match for denim.

The western outfit is attractive, stylish and cool, but is really easy to overdo it. To avoid making that mistake, it’s best to go at it one piece at a time, which means that the style can exist only in your footwear. You can combine a pair of leather cowboy boots in dark colours with a T-shirt and jeans to get an effortless, but stylish look. Casual shirts with plaid are also a great choice to combine with jeans and cowboy boots.

Western Style Jacket or Coat

You can easily make a Western style statement with a leather jacket or a long leather coat. Good quality leather garments are waterproof and suitable for harsh weather conditions. They are comfortable and can quickly fit into your wardrobe.

Another option is a fringe jacket, known for its Native American origins and its rodeo appearances later on. It can help you add a vintage touch to your look and make you stand out in the crowd. A denim jacket, on the other hand, is the easiest Western jacket to style. Denim is a great addition to almost any outfit, a timeless staple piece that keeps it casual. All you need to do is make sure you get the right fit and wear it right.

Western leather Jacket

Western Style Vest

If you’re not comfortable with any of the above, you can always choose a vest and add some old-time charm to your outfit. A leather vest can give you a classic Western look, but also, it’s a durable and comfortable piece of clothing that can give you an extra layer of protection and keep you warm at all times. It goes well with shirts and jeans and depending on your personal preferences, you can choose either brown or black.

Western Style Shirts

A plaid shirt is one of the simplest and easiest ways to introduce Western style to your wardrobe. Nothing screams “country fashion” more than a combination of classic jeans and a plaid shirt. Wear it tucked in as a traditional cowboy would have, and for a more iconic look, you can opt for a faded check to make it look worn in.

Western Style Shirts


Western style clothing has always been closely associated with jeans. They are an essential part of the Western look, practical and comfortable piece of clothing, popular in every corner of the world. You can choose from many different models, such as standard bootcut, slim fit, regular fit, skinny jeans, whatever suits your body shape best.


When it comes to choosing accessories for your Western outfit, it’s important to be smart and play it subtle. Cowboy hats are the most popular options, available in a wide range of sizes and styles, so look for one that’s comfortable and flatters the shape of your face.

Belts are another way you can add some Western flair to your outfit, however, the buckle doesn’t have to be big to be Western. You can opt for a slim, leather belt and pull together your outfit with this finishing touch.

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