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The Window Blinds Trend Is Making a Comeback

Honeycomb blindsLooking for creative ways to create a cozy living room, or to block out the sun during your afternoon nap-time? Or maybe you want to transform your guest room into a stunning media nook where you can watch your favorite movies at any time of the day or night? Selecting the right window treatment for your home can be a daunting task, especially with the variety of options we’re presented with these days. 

Fun or formal, blinds are often the unsung heroes of interior design, not only because they offer privacy, but also because of the special tone and mood they bring into our rooms. Besides, blinds are made of hard materials (such as wood or aluminium) and that adds a distinctive style to any living space. Also, it should go without saying they are great sun protectors regarding your furniture.

The latest blinds trend however is more exciting than ever. The honeycomb blinds as they are called, have diamond shaped cells and are becoming the greatest hit among all blinds. They are extremely flexible and make an awesome choice for windows that have nonstandard shapes. The distinctive and modern touch these blinds have comes from their diamond-shaped combs. Some blinds from this style have the ability to slide up from the bottom or down from the top, which makes them a versatile and practical option for any time of the day and for any room. Also, their room-darkening shades give the extra privacy perk and that makes them a great window treatment for bedrooms, especially for first-floor homeowners.honeycomb-blinds

Most of all, blinds are awesome because of the cozy feeling they bring into a home, plus they are wonderfully adjustable. They can be adjusted in accordance to almost every home style since they normally come in pale, one could even say unnoticeable colors so that they do their job without standing in the way of decor or designs. A great thing all honeycomb blinds share is that they are energy efficient because of the pockets of trap air they feature. These pockets gives them the ability to reduce heat loss during winter and it’s how we can also keep the room cool during summer. Finally, blinds are a long-term solution for your windows that most certainly won’t get out of fashion any time soon. Honeycomb blinds can especially bring a classic and elegant look that will last for years since they are the definition of a sophisticated and classy window treatment.

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