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These Are The Trendiest Gin & Tonic Glasses

Let’s get something clear, there is no bad glass for a good drink like gin and tonic. But if you want to elevate the whole experience by adding a dose of sophistication, then you’re definitely going to need some specialised glasses. Making the perfect gin and tonic cocktail is easy, but your skills will show off even more when served in the right glasses. Although there are lots of them available on the market, there are few which are considered the trendiest of them all and for a reason.

Copa de Balon

What Is a Copa Gin Glass?

There is a reason why this glass is first on the list. The truth is that these glasses have been used for serving gin since the 1700s in the Spanish region – Basque. Although in England the famous Tom Collins glass was used for this purpose, the Spanish (who are also known as the largest drinkers of gin in Europe) developed this glass. With its recognisable bulbous shape, this balloon-like glass sits on a stem and it fits perfectly in the hand.

What Exactly Makes It So Popular?

The truth is that the balloon shape of the Copa de Balon is designed to trap the gin aromas in order to improve the drink’s taste and aroma. On the other hand, the large balloon glass also allows for the use of lots of ice and lime, perfect for adding flavour to the gin while keeping it cool for a longer period of time. But the best thing about it all is that thanks to the shape, ice won’t melt that quickly and dilute the drink which in fact is quite important for the gin connoisseur to enjoy his drink. On the other hand, the size and shape of these glasses can also highlight the beauty of all botanicals and fruits used for the making of the many gin and tonic cocktails.

Well, in fact, this was one of the main reason why this glass has become so popular all around the world. In addition to being used for drinking gin, the use of the Copa glass has extended and Michelin starred chefs in Spain started using this glass for drinking red wine as well.

You can find Copa de Balon gin glasses which can collect anything between 600 – 800ml of liquid, where the larger one is used mostly in summer for making delicious ice gin cocktails.

Rocks Glass

The first thing you need to know about these glasses is that they are way different from the gin and tonic balloon glasses. Known as lowball and old-fashioned glasses, the rock glasses as short in size and can be used for many cocktails like Cuba Libre, Old Fashioned than just gin and tonic. But except for this, these glasses can be used for drinking neat spirits as well. Usually, their size can range somewhere between 350 and 400ml, just enough for having a drink or two of some stronger spirit.

Tom Collins

As one of the oldest type of gin glass, this one is nothing like the aforementioned types. It’s high in size and slim, designed to collect 300 – 400ml of liquid. thanks to its size and height, the Tom Collins glass is considered the optional bar glass. The thing that made this glass so popular for cocktails, gin and tonic, in particular, is the vertical sides which are designed to prolong the bubbles in the carbonated cocktail mixtures.

Coupe Glass

Similar to a martini glass, this one has the same shape only with rounded sides that look like a bowl. It also has a more vertical rim and it is considered one of the most practical glasses as spilling your drink from it is harder than any other similar type of glass. The thing that made this glass so popular was its versatility. The coupe glasses can be used for champagne, brandy Alexanders, Manhattan cocktails , cocktails, etc. In fact, they were designed for the use of these cocktails rather than gin and tonic. 

Margarita Glass

Margarita glass

Margarita glasses are quite similar to coupe glasses with a main difference in the stepped diameter. The most interesting thing about this glass is that it is believed that the shape is allegedly Marie Antoinette’s breast. How come? Well, in her time, she wanted her court to toast to her health by drinking from bosom-shaped glasses. Later on, an LA restaurant ordered coupes and had margarita glasses delivered by error, so they started using them for their amazing margaritas. Although margarita can be served in various glasses, it is this one that is specially designed for it. But except for this cocktail, coupe glasses are also used for champagne.

As you can see, all of the aforementioned types of glasses are versatile and can be used for more than just drinking your favourite gin and tonic drink. In other words, each occasion calls for different glass and the one you choose for your drink can mainly depend on your personal need and the way you feel at the moment. 

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