Timeless Closet: Basic Fashion Trends for Every Summer

Summer is all about tanned skin, salty hair, palm trees, sunsets, colourful cocktails, sandy beaches, and perfect outfits. When the temperature rises and you go shopping for the latest summer trends, a real trendsetter should always keep in mind that the perfect summer wardrobe will always need the basics. Some essential items keep coming back every summer and having them reserved for your timeless closet is a fashion must when the heat arrives. Moreover, it’s important to feel comfortable and look good wherever you go, so your summer clothing may be unique and versatile but still chic and made of breathable fabrics. 

What Are Summer Basics?

Since it’s summertime and the living is easy, why not make your outfits effortlessly chic? These are the summer basics that every wardrobe needs. 

Resort Dress for Drawing Attention Lady

resort dresses

If drawing attention is what floats your boat then you should consider buying maxi floral resort dresses for the ultimate summer look. Celebrations are an integral part of the summer period because of the lovely weather and the beauty of the outdoor events. Resort maxi dresses are irreplaceable when it comes to that festive lavish look every woman dreams of. The good thing about resort dresses is that they are free-spirited, breathable, and luxurious. Their light look makes kaftan dresses an essential wardrobe item you can wear wherever you like, even when working from home, lounging on the couch, or having a cocktail by the pool. 

If you’re going on vacation anytime soon, wearing a flirty and fun dress to elevate your elegant casual look is a great idea. A tropical short dress combined with some gladiator sandals is ideal for getting some tanned skin and salty hair while on the beach. Midi frill dresses and strappy sandals are matches made in heaven for long summer evenings with delicious dinners at fancy restaurants and tons of special selection wines.

Denim Shorts for the Street Style Lover

Every summer you ask yourself the question, are jean shorts in style, because you can’t imagine spending the upcoming hot days without the comfort of the streetwear shorts you bought last summer, and you already purchased one more pair. Same here! Why do we all get the feeling that jean shorts were made to last and never want to leave our wardrobe?! Probably because they have been in the fashion industry for 50 years now and they are going nowhere. 

The best part about jean shorts is how versatile they are. A pair of mid-length shorts with a cute, printed tee can be both casual and cool for a friends’ reunion or a day spent at the park. If you want to look fabulous and feel cool, a pair of high-waisted jean shorts paired with a silky or floral blouse is the perfect combo for you. To satisfy your fabulous style needs consider adding a low heel or a pair of flats and some jewellery. 

Button-Down Shirt for the Business Casual Darling

white shirt

More and more businesswomen find the button down, white shirt as the perfect item for looking business casual and staying cool while spending their hot summer days in the office. When it comes to summer staples, white shirts come in a variety of shapes and designs. White will reflect the sun and keep you cool in the summer heat, while also complementing your tan and lighter hair from beach days. A white shirt can go with every outfit, from a breezy button-down to a sleeveless top, so pair it with your favourite jeans, skirts, and dresses to create your preferred appearance. 

White T-Shirt for the “Keep it Simple” Girl

Every time you think of a fashion item that perfectly matches everything, you probably think of a humble white t-shirt. One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, this fashion essential can be styled down for the day, up for the night, and in a variety of ways in between. This season is all about suits, and the white t-shirt goes hand in hand with a coloured trouser suit or a summary shorts suit. For approaching a fancy, latest fashion look combine your favourite white tee with a beige suit and this season’s key dad sandals. Like it or not cycling shorts are big news in the fashion industry. They are comfortable, good-looking, and versatile. Team them with an oversize white t-shirt to balance out the tight silhouette. 

Espadrilles for the Stylish Busy Wifie

Comfort is another name for espadrilles. These highly- fashionable pieces of summer essentials, insanely comfortable to do lots of walking in, will be busy mums’ ride or die, companion, while exploring a beach town when on a family vacation, or having a night out in their favourite summer club. In addition to their appeal and comfort, they can be versatile and go with so many outfits. Espadrilles can be a great summer addition when combined with a pair of jeans and a summer bag. For an ultimate summer look, mix your favourite maxi summer dress or jumpsuit with a pair of higher heel espadrilles. You will look stylish and professional whenever you wear closed-toe wedge espadrilles to the office. Keep the things neutral and combine them with some flared trousers and a white shirt. 

White Sneakers for the Lady-Love of Comfort

white sneakers

Give a girl the right white sneakers and she can conquer the world. White sneakers are essential footwear for stylish women, whether they’re travelling this summer or just want to be comfortable in a casual outfit. Sneakers go with everything from your favourite summer denim to floral maxi dresses and are ideal for exploring new cities or seaside towns. White trainers will keep your style simple, while quality leather shoes will give flair to your look. 

Floral Design for the Summer Queen

Fashion’s ongoing love affair with the floral print continues this summer. Florals are a must-have in most summer collections for women. The focus of SS22 is on the revival of vintage prints. Botanical graphics this season range from bold and exotic to feminine and sensuous roses, metaverse-ready night gardens and digital blossoms, humble interior interpretations, and lovely drawn designs. For those who don’t want to be in blossom all season, the floral trend is still going strong with printed slacks, mini-dresses, skirts, and whatever else stores can put a flower on. Florals are all about having a good time with your clothes and celebrating the joy and romanticism of summer. Perhaps this is why the floral trend isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Stripes for Looking-Good Mums

Stripes are a “here to stay” type of fashion trend. Being fun and quirky they require a lot of attention and detail because they can make you look like you just walked out of a fashion week red carpet or like a prisoner. You can mix your favourite stripe jacket with a plain tee and denim rugged shorts. The striped dress can be ideal on lazy days when you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your dressing. Monochromatic and boring isn’t the only way you can wear stripes. Styling a colourful striped top can add more charm to your look and persona.

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