Toy Industry Trends


Kid’s playtime starts and ends with toys. The time when chalks and marbles were the only toys available for us is long gone. Today almost every cartoon that achieves success is instantly a ”victim” to toy makers, who see a business opportunity and go on to create dolls of favorite cartoon characters. With this large expansion of toy industries, competition by itself creates space for new trends to arise every year. Large toy manufacturer conventions confirm this. So what are the latest girls and boys toys trends and how well are they accepted by customers or children in particular?

Vintage toys

2013 has shown that some ideas never die and quality is forever. Just like classic jeans, some toys seem to appear at certain period of time conveying nostalgic feelings for older people and lots of fun for the young ones. Toys like doodle sketches and hop balls are some of these retro toys that can gather the whole family for a fun Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry about how to find these antique toys as many retail sites offer kids toys online shopping deals on many brands and models.

Creative role play

Almost all toy manufacturers have certain products that require role play to achieve a great fun experience. Toys like cooking sets, fashion designing sets and other offer great fun for children and allow them to develop their creative skills. Who knows, maybe it will help them to determine their lifetime profession.

Construction related

Reports have shown that construction set toys have increased sales for about 20% in 2012, with prediction that 2013 should be even better. Apparently, kids get carried away when they are challenged to build something from scratch. One of these boys toys trends are Lego toys. They are already a strong brand, but many other companies are developing a good customer base with diverse and specific themes of construction sets.

Toys for any occasion

Toys are great to distract your kid when you are driving him/her to the dentist and when you need to keep him quite while you are shopping. This need was acknowledged by company research departments, and toys are being developed based on this. Most of these toys can be practical and fun at the same time – launch boxes with puzzles on them, music players, toys that function as room decor and more. So if you have trouble calming your child while you driving, search for some kids toys online shopping deals and buy what will best suit them.

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