What Makes Wooden Toys Such a Popular Trend

Kids wooden tool benches

It’s 2019, and natural and organic products are a huge trend. Whether it’s skincare or clothes – people are increasingly opting to use versions that are healthier and more natural. And interestingly enough, the same goes for toys as well. … Continued

Beating Boredom with Cool Wooden Toys for Children

wooden toys

We are living in an era where kid’s toys are either plastic and or computerized, electrical and battery operated. Where are the simpler, wooden toys for children that we adults loved to play with during our childhood? The toys that … Continued

Ride-on Toys Trend: How to Buy Scooters for Kids

Scooters for Kids

From celebrities to your next door neighbours, it seems no one is able to resist the charm of scooters for kids. Sarah Jessica Parker (famous for her role as the all-time-favourite columnist in an American sitcom, Sex and the City) … Continued

Remote Control Car For Kids: 2016 Trend Tidbits


Most parents love giving their kids something special every once in a while. It’s important to keep up with the trend so you know what kids really want these days. Toys have come a long way from the basic doll … Continued