Travel Kennel: Trend or Necessity?

Having a pet surely brings another dimension to one’s life in general. It is incredible how much we can get attached to them, so much that we begin treating them as a valuable member of our family. As such, we want to take good care of them by spoiling them with toys, tasty food, delicious treats etc. Pet-shops have done their part for sure by making sure they all able to offer all kinds of pet accessories. However, some of these accessories turn out to be more of a necessity rather than a trend. For example, if you want to take your pet with you on your trip, a travel kennel is a must-have.

travel kennel

Travel kennels are designed first and foremost to keep your pet safe. Especially when flying, safety is top priority for the airlines. That is why IATA (International Air Transport Association) has worked on creating standards which are accepted by most airlines worldwide. According to those standards, the size of the travel kennel is very important because your pet needs to have enough place to stand, sit, turn around and lie down, so choosing the right size of the crate will affect how comfortable and safe your pet will feel during the flight.

IATA standards also have requirements for adequate ventilation. Getting enough air is crucial for your pet, that is why travel kennels must be adequately ventilated with opening from three sides and the openings must be small in order to protect the pet from escaping or hurting itself. Also, a spring locked door and a waterproof bottom is a must. If your crate has wheels, those need to be disabled.

So it is safe to say that by relying on a travel kennel, you really are doing all in your power to stay on the safe side because it can significantly protect your pet (especially when it is in the cargo hold, and not with you) and it makes the travel more comfortable. The food and water bowls are attached on the front door for an easy access from the outside. For an even more comfortable trip, it’s recommended to put your pet’s favorite soft toys inside as well as one of your unwashed T-shirts so the pet would feel your scent on it. This is a good trick to make your pet calmer.

To sum it all up, a travel kennel is one of the most useful pet accessories since it can allow you to take your pet anywhere with you. However, make sure that the very day of travel is not the first day your dog or cat gets introduced to the kennel. Give it at least full two week of training, by giving your pet treats whenever it get in the kennel in a relaxed manner. You can do this by leaving toys and its favorite blanket inside.

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