Travel Trend – Top 7 Wine Must-Visit Spots

The best travel destinations are the ones where you’ll be able to learn about different cultures and try different food and drinks. For your next travel destination, it is important to choose a country or a specific region where you can visit different locations. Most people choose their travel destinations according to the things they are interested in.

Some want to experience different climate, different culture, while for others the food and drinks have a decisive role. Many Australians are looking for a place where they can spend some quality time and taste delicious food and wines. There are many wine growing regions in the world that are know by the vineyards and the wines that are produced there. The most famous wine growing regions that are attracting the Australian wine lovers are the following ones:

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Umbria, Italy

Umbria is located in Central Italy, It is a region full with rich vineyards and popular wineries. Umbria is famous for its well preserved medieval towns and beautiful cathedrals. Besides the unspoiled natural beauty and historical monuments, this region is also known by the excellent cuisine that offers dishes made with local ingredients such as olive oil, mushrooms, and homemade pasta. All dishes are paired with fantastic wines, both red and white. With so many natural beauties, Umbria is one of the most popular travel destinations for the Australian wine fanatics.

Languedoc, France

Languedoc is located in the largest wine producing region in the world – Languedoc – Roussillion.

This famous wine region is attracting many Australian wine enthusiasts every year with its unspoiled vineyards and great food which is paired with delicious wines. Languedoc is ideal place for many outdoor activities, like sea kayaking, river canoeing and sea kayaking.

Walla Walla, USA

This region was known as historic farming community, famous by its sweet onions. In the past few years,Walla Walla has become the largest wine tourist destination in Washington. This region has more that 120 wineries and a vast range of vineyards. Many Australian wine tourists visit this place for the delicious plates of local food combined with a glass of good wine.

Barossa Valley, Australia

Barossa Valley is the most famous wine spot located in Australia. People from all over Australia are attracted by the amazing Australian wine that is being produced there. The Barossa Valey offers many interesting places where people of all ages can spend some quality time and taste some of the most famous Australian dishes and home-made wines.

Baden, Germany

Baden is located in a region with a warm climate, ideal for wine producing. This tourist destination is known by the Schwarzer Adler winery and the well known specialty the flammkuchen, a local dish made with bacon, sour cream and onion. The wines produced in the Baden region are attracting tourists from every part of the world. The best thing is that the wines from Baden can be found on the Australian wine market also.

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza has became one of the top 10 wine tourism destinations in the world. The vast number of tourists visiting Mendosa every year are fascinated by the new hotels, great gastronomy and most of all by the impressive wineries.

Sonoma, USA

Another perfect destination for the Australian wine lovers. Sonoma, offers great gastronomy, perfect surrounding and of course great wines. The perfect climate allow different grape varieties to be planted and harvested, making this region popular for the amazing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and many other wines.

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