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Treat Your Piano with Care: the Advantages of Hiring a Piano Removal Service

We’re moving into a new house, and we’re in the middle of transferring all our stuff into our new place. All the small things are already being transferred and now we’re looking for a removal service to help us with the larger furniture pieces. While in that mess and my head boiling from the money I have to pay just for the furniture removal, my eyes stopped on the piano. We have a large piano that my wife inherited from her parents but she doesn’t play it, so it’s basically a decoration in the house. However, nobody asks for my opinion on that matter and we’re moving it into the new place – no questions asked.

So while I am starring at this gigantic thing that I know is fragile as much as it’s bulky, I am tempted to call my buddies from the neighborhood and try to carry it out of the house on our own. With that crazy idea in my head, I went on the Internet to see if someone had a similar experience and I found out that whatever you do, the worst option would be to try to take it out on your own. The piano is one complicated instrument, so instead taking matters in their own hands, people hired a piano removal service and got the job done painlessly with no scratches whatsoever.

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Although It Looks Like Something a Few Men Can Lift…

We men pride in our ability to lift heavy things. It’s like our nature given chance to prove how strong we are while intimidating other men and impressing women along the way. So, when you stand in front of your piano and measure it visually, you’ll come to the conclusion that it doesn’t weigh more than 700 kilograms (rough estimation). You’ll be tempted to instantly count the number of heavy lifters that is equal to, but stop; there’s another more important thing to consider here: the piano can’t and shouldn’t be lifted in just about any way. This is a precision instrument that has more than 1000 moving parts and about 200 finely-tuned strings which once damaged, can cost you more than a removal service for repair.

Leave the Piano Movers Do Their Job Because They Understand It, Not Because They’re Stronger

If we have to be completely honest, you don’t know how to push the piano through your doors and get it out so it can be placed in a truck for transport. You can lift it, but you won’t know how to move it efficiently. Piano movers know their job: they know exactly how to dismantle a piano so they can move it through the door without causing any damage to any part of it. And no, you won’t be able to get it back together once you get it into your new home. You’ll need a tuner and a repairman to set it for playing. Guess what: professional piano movers have that kind of staff in their team, so no need for throwing extra money.

Get Familirized with Storing a Piano with Your Piano Movers

Yes, you can store your piano with your movers when you need it. That means you can take this step when in front of big remodelling actions, renovations in the house and similar moves that may require your furniture and big instruments to be protected from dust and colour splashes.

So all in all, I realized it’s a lot smarter to keep my muscles for other purposes than show them by pissing off my wife with damaging her piano. The piano got safely into our new place and I really dodged a bullet in my budget.

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