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Trending Ideas For A Stylish Bedside Table

According to Australian experts, more and more people are focusing on the look of their home, especially the look of the bedroom as it is the place where they want to get comfy, relax and snuggle with their loved ones. There isn’t anything more thrilling than creating your own relaxing and luxurious retreat. And it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg; few carefully chosen pieces of furniture, decorative items and one or two dramatic pieces of art is all you need. And creativity, of course. buy bedside table

If you ask some of the world’s leading interior designers, you can give your bedroom a makeover just by replacing bedside tables. Tiny yet versatile, this furniture pieces are real treasure chests; it’s surprising how many things they can fit, from body creams, glasses, book to accessories you forgot you even have. Although for many of us, a bedside table is the landing pad for before-going-to-bed essentials, it is so much more than that; it s the one piece of furniture that has the potential for expressing your individual style and personality. If chosen wisely.

Buy bedside table that shares one or two décor traits with your bed, décorative accessories, curtains, wall colour or a rug. You want something that will accent the room and blend in and not a piece that will stand awkwardly like a stranger in a crowd. It’s a good idea to browse home décor magazines to get an idea of what you would like to create. Knowing in advance what style, size, material, design and colour will best match the existing décor of your bedroom, will help you find and buy bedside table that’s just right.

We’ll leave the buying to you, and focus on the decorating part. So, without further ado, here are few statement-making ideas sure to awaken a decorator in you.


It’s all about the reflection! Place an antique mirror on the table, next to the lamp, to accentuate the corners of your bedroom.

Statement Piece

Don’t let dullness overwhelm you; add something bright to the pile of files. A statement piece like a small antique vase with tulips in deep shades of maroon or purple will break up the dullness.

Add Something Personal

Favourite photography, the first present from your hubby or anything that evokes pleasant emotions and beautiful memories, is what will give nightstand and whole room the character.

Tray Of Plants

A bedside table doesn’t have to be the landing pad for books and magazines. Make it the focal point of the room by placing an eye-catching tray with two or three mini planters. Make sure you choose plants with vibrant colours to brighten up your bedroom and give it a new life. Pops of colours is always good for breaking up the monotony.

Add A Personal Scent

When it comes to the bedroom, everything is related to love and romance. Just like anything else in your home, bedside tables must reflect your personality. And nothing says love, sensuality and passion like scented candles. They simply have the power to create instant warm and romantic ambiance, which is perfect for the “before bed” good night’s snuggles.

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