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Trends That Can Be Seen in Today’s Office Furniture

When I first started watching “Suits”, the legendary sit-com series about a power lawyer in NYC, I was so amazed by the office Harvey Specter had that it instantly became a goal of mine: to make my office look that good. That office is so well designed, that I can easily say it represents all the major trends of the corporate life of today: the furniture, the ornaments, the architectural position of the office and even its walls (which are completely made of glass, by the way), are all positioned to create a working atmosphere and at the same time an office in which you can relax with a glass of whiskey (just kidding, no alcohol while at work).

So when I actually decided I was going to re-design my office following that example, I started looking for office furniture supplies that will be very similar to the ones Harvey has. To be honest, I was amazed by how wide and versatile the offer of office furniture supplies is, and how each piece has a beauty of its own. The conclusion? If you are up to re-designing your old office, prepare to face a very large number of armchairs, writing desks, sofas, coffee tables and ornaments of all kinds. Each one of these pieces contributes to a certain trend and style in office furniture, so it’s only fair to share with you which pieces you can choose to get that powerful, fancy-looking office that Harvey has.

Office furniture

The armchair and the desk

A major trend in writing desks now is the simple desk: it has a frame made of steel or wood (if it’s Scandinavian style), and one very thick piece of glass as a working surface. No drawers, no limited space for your legs. The best thing about this writing desk is that you can easily find it if you search for office furniture supplies online, plus you will have it delivered right to your office! As for the armchair, no need to be extensive in the description: leather, leather and only leather! Why you’d ask? Leather is a power symbol, so if you want to emit a dose of authority, a leather chair is a must. You do not need to get anything large and uncomfortable, an ergonomic Eames chair in black ( I’d avoid white because it easily gets dirty) would do perfectly well.

The sofa and the coffee table.

A lot of people seem to believe that the office should be a four-walled room in which a writing table, a chair and a computer should be the only elements. Such old-fashioned opinions can cost you a lot: a working area with old furniture, bad lighting and no ambiance at all?! You’re headed towards creativity-killer’s land. Make it a point to incorporate a sofa and a coffee table in your office; some decisions and talks are best made in an informal sitting position with a cup of coffee or a drink. Depending on the style you’re aiming for, you can choose a leather sofa (which will perfectly fit with the leather armchairs) with two smaller leather chairs and a small, glass coffee table. Like a small living room area in the office.

Lighting and colours

I can’t stress this enough; light influences people’s creativity and productivity while in their offices. Harvey is lucky, his office has one huge glass wall that provides him with plenty of natural light. However, some offices simply are not architecturally designed to have that perk. So, make sure your office has large enough windows, or if that’s not possible, choose lighting products carefully; floor lamps or desk lamps, whichever you choose should work on a fluroscent light bulb. Also, mind the colours you use; if your furniture is black or brown, the walls should be beige or white by all means as you need to feel your office is spacious, not claustrophobic.

I don’t know about you, but while writing this, I am already creating the look of my new office in my head. And if you are still doubting whether I am right or not, think about these three facts:

  1. A well-designed office with good office furniture increases creativity; when you’re satisfied by the looks of your working area, your mind is entirely focused on your job, right?
  2. You wouldn’t allow old technology pieces in your fancy stylized office; if you were considering it for long, now would be the great time to get that new Apple Mac PC.
  3. A fancy office emits the sense of power, authority, security and reliability. Who wouldn’t like to entrust you to handle their job or needs when you’re transmitting that ‘all-mighty’ energy?
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