Trendy Boat Accessories to Increase Comfort and Enjoy Boating

Boating is heavily dependent upon the weather and the sea conditions. When conditions are not favourable, but you have already set sail anyway, the whole experience can be physically and mentally exhausting. If they aren’t used to, many guests on board can feel uncomfortable, especially if they are prone to seasickness.

Because of that, sailors learn to make the most of the experience regardless of how narrow the window of opportunity is. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to having a good time. What one considers a great way to unwind, might not be appealing to others. However a number of boating accessories designed to increase boating comfort are welcomed by many.

Marine Sound System

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Everyone appreciates music. Hearing a tune you love can diver your focus and even lift your spirits if struggling with sea sickness. Plus, music sets the mood for a boat party and is a great backdrop for the typical banter among seafarers.

Just don’t make the typical mistake and get just any stereo system you will find. You can’t just install a car stereo on the boat, and if you do, you will quickly find out that you need a music system that can resist the harsh marine conditions. At first glance both car and marine sound systems look the same. But what is the difference between a marine stereo and a car stereo? In essence, it’s the type of components and wiring that go into the set. Marine systems have components built to be used in high humidity and hold better against all the salt that would ruin the regular metal which is used inland.

And they make them with many attractive features too. Nowadays you can easily find a high-quality Bluetooth marine stereo that can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or any other compatible device. So, one can have convenient wireless control over the AM/FM channels or direct the streaming of music. This allows everyone on board to easily control the type of music blasting from the speakers.

These marine stereos are designed to be compact and durable. Their frame is easy to mount, waterproof and UV-resistant. If you are into it, you can even extend the Bluetooth marine stereo to include more speakers and a proper sound subwoofer with amplifier. Just make sure you don’t exceed the power capacity of your electrical systems.

A Grill

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Have you ever spent a few hours in the galley of a boat? This whole stretch of our coastline can produce unbearable heat below deck. So if you intend to hop from one island onto another, you’d probably look for ways to reduce the time spent cooking inside. This applies across the board, regardless if you have the best AC system money can buy.

Cooking while underway on a gimbaled stove in the galley is no fun either. Particularly if you are experiencing the ‘washing machine’ effect due to high seas and weather. This is one of the reasons boat owners get an outdoor grade barbecue set. Usually, you’ll find these sets at the stern of some boats. They are welded, easily contained when not in use and within arms reach. The last part admittedly is not a favorite with all sailors. Having your barbecue welded to your boat can get in the way of just about anything you intend to do.

Some recognise this and decide it’s more worth it to go for a handy and portable grill. Having the liberty to tuck your grill away when it’s not needed means a lot on a boat with limited real estate.

Just because they are easy to store doesn’t imply they aren’t great once deployed. One can sport a portable grill of the highest possible quality. Obviously the grill has to be made from stainless steel to withstand the harsh marine environment. They make them really convenient these days too. Good grill sets are conducive to bayonet fitting so you don’t have to worry about keeping everything in place. As long as the cooking surface is treated with enamel you are good to go.

Freezers are one of the first appliances that brake down on a boat. Having a good spinning reel and other quality fishing gear on boaad enables you to get fresh food straight from the ocean. Just imagine the feast you can make on a boat barbie. It’s certainly enticing when there is no supermarket around and you are sick of canned food.

Dry Bag

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The roll top bag has always been the ultimate sailors backpack. It’s used by marines in the navy, but their design is appreciated far and wide, and not just by the nautical lot. There are two important features for such sacks: ease of access and protection from water. The traditional gear was focused more on the former aspect, while the application of advanced methods and materials ensures the latter.

Modern day sailors treasure compact dry sacks to keep valuables safe in wet conditions. One can leave their mobile phone, credit cards, passport, small computers or similar gadgets and enjoy water sports. They make them in different sizes too, so you can grab a big waterproof sack and take it along on your visit to shore in the dinghy.

A number of materials and production methods make the dry sacks exceptional. They are usually made from a 70D waterproof fabric that is seam sealed and tailored with reinforced stitching at the stress points. The roll top closure is safe after three rolls and D-ring buckle keeps everything tight.

It’s not unusual for water sports enthusiasts to take a good dry sack along with them. Open water swimmers are known to strap their valuables to the chest while swimming. The logistics of marine activities is such that one has to either carry their gear with them or to arrange someone else to accompany their endeavor. This is so unlike the ease of carrying a hiking backpack on a trail that is typical for most athletes. A dry bag with a high degree of buoyancy can also serve as an emergency buoy for tired or partially incapacitated swimmers.

Be careful though, because not all products on the market offer this functionality. Having a roll top marine bag in high-visibility colour marks your position on the water surface, so be mindful of this when you are choosing the pattern.

Drink Colster

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Another great addition to your galley that will significantly increase comfort. Colsters help keep your beverages cold. And you certainly need one in the cockpit when the sea is unruly. It’s hard to keep anything on table when the whole boat is swaying back and forth and having a good colster can make a huge difference.

Everyone has to enjoy the good times on a boat. Don’t you ever forget the rules, though: guests can drink alcohol at any time, but crew can do it only when they are off duty. If you ever let your crew mates down, they will be forced to find a way to deal with a drunken sailor.

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