Trendy Car Wash: Things to Consider

We live a fast paced life, there’s no doubt about it, which is why we require vehicles; they are one of the basic necessities in present day societies. The perfect proof of this is the increase in numbers of vehicles, by 2.1% in our country as of last year, numbering more than 18 million motor vehicles according to the Motor Vehicle Census of the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). What this means is if you’ve decided to run a business, now is the perfect time to invest in a car wash.

However, just as any investment, it’s important to take a few aspects into consideration to be able to make the most of it, and ensure its future success. Apart from planning out a strategy, and carefully choosing the location (this is the no.1 thing people look into when opening a car wash), one that’s preferably with street frontage for more visibility, has easy access, and has no competition in sight for at least two-mile radius, you have to get the proper equipment.


By equipment I’m not just referring to the basic and necessary car wash bits and pieces, such as pressure washers, tyre and engine cleaners, wash prep systems, windshield service products, vacuums, waxing systems, or detergents, but proper signallisation and lighting in the form of signs (making it visible at least over 300 feet) and traffic warning lights. Long gone are the days when their use was strictly related to the control of traffic on the roads.

The reason you have to include them in your car wash is because they would make your job that much easier, and help make your car wash the trendy place people love to visit for a perfect bath of their vehicles. They can help you with keeping traffic moving seamlessly through your car wash, indicating when customers can get to a lane, when they can enter the wash area, when they can exit, and where they can buy tokens – everything done orderly, and quickly, exactly the way customers want it.

The best thing about traffic warning lights nowadays is you can choose from high quality affordable options that are still LED, have weatherproof and dust proof properties, can save you money by low energy consumption, low maintenance, and their long lifespan (more than 50.000 hours) means they’re more than a worthy investment to make. Of course, it’s needless to say, your lot also has to have available water, electric, and sewer services.

Other considerations have to do with the neighbours your car wash would have around, whether there are restaurants around, grocery stores, and banks, where more people would usually stop by, an aspect that’s connected with the traffic counts (preferably more than 10.000). A word of advice, and perhaps the most important aspect, is to do all the calculations based on all the aforementioned things, as well as the property’s value, so you can know whether it’s within your budget, or it’s too much of an initial investment for you.

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