Trendy, Practical and Stylish: Reasons to Get Maui Jim Sunglasses

Just saying Maui Jim out loud conjures an image of a cool, relaxed guy who’s spent most of his life on one of Oceania’s islands, basking in the sun daily, surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean and just being a cool dude all year round. Maui Jim sunglasses embody this type of persona – they’re easy to wear with almost everything, provide sun protection that’s second to none, and are all-around cool. As someone who’s worked in optometry for almost two decades, Maui Jim’s are some of the top sunglass brands I’ve recommended to people. If you’re wondering what makes them so great, and whether they’re worth their high price tag – here are some of the things that make them one of the world-leading sunglass brands.

Incorporating High-Quality Lenses

Maui Jim is a leading manufacturer of polarised sunglasses. If you’ve owned a pair yourself, or know someone who has, you probably know that these lenses are made of high-quality materials. The lenses within Maui Jim sunglasses have so many features and components, that they’re a class of their own. They’ve incorporated a lot of technology in their lenses, and finding Maui Jim replacement lenses is easy thanks to the popularity of the brand. This means that you get to see the world through the sunglasses in vivid detail. Some of the technologies Maui Jim lenses incorporate include polarised plus, vivid lens colours, bi-gradient mirrors, backside anti-reflection coating, scratch-resistant coating, UV protection and easy to clean, lightweight coating.

maui Jim sunglass lenses
Source: Live Aloha Blog from Maui Jim

Countless Models

Maui sunglasses have come a long way since I started recommending them to people. Their catalogue is vast and diverse, so there’s something for everyone – from aviator frames to fashion-forward frames to sports sunglasses, cat-eyes, shields and rimless – there’s a pair for everyone. Not only do they offer a wide range of frame designs, but each frame is available in a variety of colour options and different lenses. You can get Maui Jim replacement lenses and switch between them for even more variety. The frames are made with quality and precision using different materials. Having so many options to choose from makes it easy to shop and wear Maui Jim sunglasses even for people who have a hard time finding and fitting a pair of sunglasses.

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Prescription Sunglasses

Maui Jim manufacturers top quality sunglasses with a prescription for those who want or need corrective vision. An increasing number of prescription parameters in both single and progressive vision lens designs are now available. A huge selection of their collection is designed to fit prescription lenses, so people can look great without sacrificing vision. The great thing about their prescription lenses is that they still feature all of the aforementioned technologies that the non-prescription lenses have.

maui jim lenses
Source: Man of Style

Warranty and Customer Services

If all of the aforementioned factors weren’t enough to convince you of just how great Maui Jim’s are, then knowing that they offer exceptional customer service and warranty should give you peace of mind knowing you’re buying a product that’s of high-quality and long-lasting. When you’re investing in sunglasses, especially high-end brands like Maui Jim, you’re investing in your eye health and vision, so it’s nice to know that you have somewhere to turn to in case you accidentally damage the sunglasses or wear them down over time.

Dark Adaptation

Intense sunlight can impede your eyes’ ability to adapt to low brightness levels. Think about when you’re outdoors in the bright light and aren’t wearing sunglasses, then you go inside where the light isn’t as bright, and as a result, you see spots until your eyes adjust. By protecting your eyes from intense sunlight with Maui Jim lenses, your eyes are capable of adapting much faster when changing between two extreme light conditions.

Dark Adaptation
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Glare and Eye Comfort

The sun’s glare and brightness interfere with the ability to see clearly and comfortably, which can lead to squinting and your eyes watering. Eyestrain can lead to headaches. All Maui Jim sunglasses are polarised, meaning they eliminate glare completely, reducing the impact of the sun’s brightness, allowing your eyes to stay relaxed. Without having to squint and strain your eyes, you can avoid fatigue, excessive wrinkling and headache.

Blue Light Protection

HEV (High-Energy Visible Radiation), commonly known as blue light has lower amounts of energy rays than ultra-violet lights. However, research suggests that even this type of light can penetrate the eye, leading to ADM (age-related macular degeneration). The PolarisedPlus2 lens technology that Maui Jim lenses incorporate can reduce the effect of HEV without removing the visible blue colours from the world around you.

blue light sunglasses lenses
Source: Cargo

So if you’re in the market to buy a brand new pair of sunglasses, then Maui Jim is definitely a brand to consider. They’ve been around for quite some time and have developed lens technologies that are unique to them. The fact that they back their products with warranty and exceptional customer support also gives you peace of mind knowing there’s strong backing behind the product, making them worth every dollar spent.

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