Trucking Industry Facts and Trends

Trucking industry plays important role in the overall economy of Australia. In fact, it represents a driving force since Australia greatly relies on road freight transport, whether from state to state, within a state or from ports to warehouses and vise versa. Depending on consumers’ demands, trucking industry trends vary, which is why it is essential to know the facts and statistics, especially if you are an owner of a freight logistics company or if you heavily depend on freight services. Here are few industry facts you should be familiar with.

Trucking Industry

Fact #1: Road freight transport, the largest sector of the trucking industry, generates over $52 billion in revenue annually. The recent increasing freight volumes continue to drive industry revenue growth. Compared to rail freight, water freight and passenger transport sectors, the trucking industry accounts for over 80% of the total transport industry revenue. Thanks to the road freight transport sector, employment levels in the trucking industry are expected to increased for 2% at least through 2017.

Fact #2: The trucking industry sector employs over 190,000 people. This business sector currently employs almost 200,000 people, but what’s more interesting is the fact that this number is expected to grow significantly over the following years. The number of truck drivers in Australia is about 160,000. This means that the demand for new and used trucks available for sale will increase.

Fact #3: Currently, over 42,000 businesses are registered in the trucking industry sector. This is because the sector is extremely important to retail trade, wholesale trade, construction, manufacturing, fishing, agriculture, forestry, finance and insurance services, etc. It is expected for the trucking industry employment to grow almost twice by 2020.

Fact #4: The truck fleet in Australia travels over 12,500 million of kilometers and transports over 1,500 million tonnes of freight annually. This only confirms how important the trucking industry is for the overall economy of Australia.

Fact #5: The gas emissions from both new and used trucks for haulage on a billion tonne-kilometer basis are expected to decline for about 30% over the next 20 years. The truck engine emissions and fuel standards are steadily tightening, in order to additionally reduce the pollutant emissions. Also, unlike the used trucks, the newer truck models use modern and quieter engines, which results in reduced noise levels.

Fact #6: About 10% of road deaths in Australia involve large new and used trucks. When large trucks are involved, truck drivers are not always responsible.

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