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Ultrasonic Oil Diffusers: The Latest Trend in Baby Sleep Supplies

Whether you are new to the parenting world or not, making sure your child has everything he/she needs is the least you can do. Besides creating a trendy and inspiring nursery prior to his/her coming, there are some essential must-have baby products first time parents need to have on their list.


Which Product is Best for Newborn Baby?

Although the baby must-have checklist is quite long, I’ll focus on one item due to it being quite versatile in function. It can be especially helpful for calming your baby and easing him/her to sleep.

The issues with sleeping and excessive crying usually start when babies have colic which usually happens after the second month. This is the period when they start crying at night and you’ll be able to feel the somewhat dark side of parenting (chuckles). Besides the use of the usual colic drops, massages and motion moves, once the baby turns 3 months of age, you can opt for the latest trend in baby supplies – ultrasonic sleep oil diffuser.

Oil diffusers are a unique type of baby supplies as they can be great for the whole family. Using the latest technology in diffusing, these diffusers use water and ultrasonic waves to create a cool mist that spreads the essential oil/s practices into the air. You can use any type of essential oil into the diffuser, but those that can aid sleep are the most recommended types.

Note: For those wondering where to buy baby supplies of this kind, online stores are the right answer. Find a reliable one-stop-baby-shop and stock up on the essentials.


What Makes Ultrasonic Diffusers So Good?

  • The benefits of essential oils cannot be compromised because these diffusers use no heat;
  • They can add moisture to humidify the dry winter air in a room;
  • They are easy to clean;
  • They require less essential oil;
  • They are easily portable because of their size;
  • They are extremely quiet and ideal for night use;
  • They can include sound and music tracks to improve the baby’s sleep. Such sound is the pink noise (the sound of a heartbeat, rain, slow rhythm lullabies, etc.). Some of these diffusers can also give you the option to record your own voice or ‘shushing’ sounds and words, ideal for this particular use.
  • They can include coloured lights and nightlight features. This can reduce the need for having a night table lamp.

Essential oils have been used since ever to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and diffusing them in the bedroom/nursery at night is an all-natural way to enhance sleep. Since in the past, there were no aromatherapy diffusers available, people would simply add a few drops of any essential oil into a pot of water and let the oil dissolve and do its own magic. But these days, the process is different. With the help of diffusers and certain sleep essential oils for toddlers and babies, the whole family can benefit from this in a more efficient manner. Except for being organic and totally safe, essential oils certainly have the power to create a happy environment. You can use one essential oil or make a blend of essential oils for toddlers and babies sleep improvement. Here are some of the most beneficial ones.

Lavender Oil

Without a doubt, when talking about soothing essential oils, lavender is first on the list. According to botanists, lavender has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. It’s also considered a plant than has analgesic, sedative and anti-anxiolytic properties – great for reducing stress. It can certainly reduce headaches, cysts, lice, muscle pain, depression, digestive issues, nervousness and many other disorders that could happen through life. Since it can help with stress, this makes lavender oil perfect for improving the sleep as well. You can use lavender as is, or blend it with geranium, clary sage or ylang-ylang.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil has been praised for centuries for its great digestive benefits, and when it comes in the form of tea, chamomile is great for stomach issues. When used in a diffuser, chamomile essential oil is great for reducing stress and tension which makes it great for sleeping and relaxation.

Sweet Orange

This essential oil known for its calming and uplifting properties. With its refreshing and zesty scent, sweet orange can improve your mood while encouraging relaxation and improving the sleep.


This essential oil has been used since ancient times to treat literally everything – both physical and mental illnesses. This essential oil is rich in nutrients and has sleep-aid properties which makes it ideal to use before bedtime.


Except for its use in perfumes, this essential oil has great sleep-inducing properties. Its incredible citrus smell makes it the ideal refreshing, uplifting, yet calming essential oil. Try combining it with chamomile, sweet orange and lavender and enjoy the soothing and pleasant smell together with your baby.

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