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Upright Chiller Freezer: Trendy, Space-Savvy and Sustainable

Technology changes, it advances daily and trends change along with it. Some of the perfect e

xamples for this would be the space-savvy and sustainable trends of late, and this applies anywhere, including the hospitality businesses that have to do with food, such as bakeries, caf├ęs and delis.

With all the requirements in terms of equipment, it may not be an easy task to mind the space and sustainability though, thanks to upgraded technology and innovative design implemented in creating some essential equipment pieces, like the trendy 4 door upright chiller freezer, it’s not an impossible one.


Compared with chest freezers, you get to save up floor space but not at the expense of storage. Available in a variety of capacities, related to the number of the doors, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your business and counting on a set of eight steel shelves per door means you have plenty of storage for your ingredients.

The fact the doors are half-sized also implies saving up room! More to space, unlike chest freezers, having the chance to make use of shelves and adjust them as you see fit offers much more flexibility to your needs and different types of foods.

As a result, you can also count on improved organisation than the chest freezer mess, as well as easier maintenance; instead of wasting time trying to find a certain ingredient or getting carried away with cleaning, you’d have more time for other chores.

In terms of sustainability, the 4 door upright chiller freezer is equipped with LED light known for its cost-efficiency, and in addition to this, the four doors are self-closing created to be energy-efficient since when a door is left open, the cold air escapes easily and it needs to compensate by creating more cold air to maintain the temperature which then leads to energy waste.

Also from the aspect of maintenance, the upright one won’t give you as much trouble as the space-consuming alternative would when it comes to defrosting considering there’s the auto-defrost feature which you’d otherwise have to take care of manually, hunching over the chest freezer.

Another advantage you get to reap is the fact you can regulate the temperature with a digital controller, along with the possibility to store and freeze a variety of goods. Best of all is they come in a variety of finishes, so aesthetics don’t lack either, but what you’re going to appreciate particularly is how durable they are thanks to the materials they’re made from, such as powder coated galvanised steel.

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