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Urban Gardening: Being Trendy is All About Eating Organic

Living in a world that’s so readily accepting celebrities as role models, I’d be a hypocrite to say I don’t get interested in reading what’s going on with them or get insight into the kinds of lifestyles they lead. However, now that I am mature enough to know how to pick role models accordingly, to me following trends is all about choosing the trends set by those who strive to make this world a better place, in the likes of creating a biodegradable edible plastic bags or the chance to have freshly grown produce at one’s plate every day with little to no expense.

Urban Gardening

I haven’t always been a fan of organic products, at least not as much as my siblings, but after seeing their lives change for the better (losing excess weight with ease), I had to give it a try myself as well and start reaping the benefits. The first step was having my own garden and planting my own vegetables, herbs and fruits. As most people nowadays, I’ve always struggled with space but when I got to know more about the ongoing trend that was slowly but surely gaining in popularity, the urban gardening, I knew there was hope. The fun thing about it is there’s no right or wrong way of doing it, it all depends on your space and how you intend to use it for your garden. With me all that was needed were just modern plastic planters, the right choice of heirloom seeds and voilà, I got my organic garden inside my apartment.

While there are some who have yards and even big patios at their disposal, there are others like me who live in apartments that require more persistence when it comes to getting a sustainable garden. If you’re trying to have your own apartment garden, welcome to the club. I have modern plastic planters to thank for the development of my green thumb skills since they’ve helped me a great deal when it comes to watering. You might be thinking how could I have opted for plastic being pro-organic at the same time, but my choice is only this because my plastic planters are HDPE, meaning they are BPA free and safe for food. If this wasn’t enough, they also have their own integrated self-watering wicking system so my only chore is to do the water fill up once the reservoir is emptied out.

As you get to take care of plants, you learn to appreciate food all the more, and better understand the slow food movement, learning how to enjoy eating slowly and experiencing every individual taste. This would surely encourage you more to also experiment in the kitchen, and try out some new recipes. Organic means you know how your produce has grown, leaving no room for toxins in your diet. Don’t be put off immediately after you see something isn’t right with the garden, but make sure you have the right set of garden books to help you by. No successful gardener has become one without having his/her own deal of trials and errors.

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