Urban Trends: Choosing a Practical Skateboard Backpack

If there’s one accessory that can be trendy and super practical at the same time, it’s the backpack. Backpacks are the most convenient type of bags, especially if you’re a skater. They make it possible for you to use both of your hands, while also providing you with plenty of space to store everything you will need throughout the day – a water bottle, snacks, fresh clothes, even the entire skateboard. Not to mention how they look incredibly cool and urban. So, if you’re looking for the perfect backpack to accompany your thrilling rides, here’s what you need to consider.

urban lifestyle backpack

Size and Capacity

Size an capacity are a major factor to think about when shopping for an urban lifestyle backpack that can hold your skateboard. After all, you want it to fit the board as well as some additional things. Considering the fact that the skateboard is usually attached to the backpack on the outside via straps, make sure the the bag is the correct size. As most skateboards are 30 – 40 inches big, a backpack that’s at least 50cm long can be enough to support your board. How much capacity the bag has is represented in volume, and the more litres it has – the more things can fit inside it. If you’re going to be carrying a laptop with you, make sure that there’s a padded laptop compartment to store it safely.

Convenient Features for Skateboarders

As you can see, a skateboarding backpack is a regular urban lifestyle backpack that comes with extra features that make it ideal for the needs of skateboarders. One such feature are the straps that are used to secure the board tightly to the backpack. And if you have a longboard version, the straps should be especially reliable. Considering this, Velco straps are only suitable for small and lightweight boards, whereas buckle straps are the ideal choice for larger and heavier boards as they are much stronger. Since you’re going to have your backpack on while riding your board, adjustable chest straps can hold it tightly in place and ensure your stability won’t be compromised.


Cheaper backpacks are made of 100% nylon and don’t offer much in terms of durability. But if you want something that will withstand frequent use, a polyester backpack is certainly the right choice. It’s very resistant to abrasion, doesn’t absorb any water, and dries up very quickly which makes it the ideal choice if you live in an area prone to rain. Considering how riding a board can make you all sweaty, it’s important to choose a bag with a ventilated and breathable back that will keep you comfortable.

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