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Vases: Trendy Accessories That Add Big Impact

With so many different ways they can be used to decorate a place, vases can be found in many rooms across the world. This is partly because they are very versatile and easy to find. They come in many sizes, styles, designs, shapes and colours. They are a perfect way to update your decor. Vases are so easy to display in a way that will add big impact, with a designer touch, and one of the simplest things to integrate in any decor style and match with anything.

The Most Popular Decorative Accessories

Vases are very popular decorative elements, if not the most popular ones, sought out by homes and business places alike all the time, all over the world, since they are a decoration that can find a place in any home and in any room.

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Not only are they great to liven up your living room, but they can be also used as decorative pieces in your outdoor area, your hallway, bedroom, bathroom, as well as any workplace. Whether you choose to buy one or buy wholesale vases have great potential for any interior design.

They have the ability to add interest to a dull place, to bland in colours, to create contrast, to add colour or to accent a colour in the room, to emphasise a spot you want to accent etc. And, best of all, with their original purpose, they give you the opportunity to bring in some nature in your home.

The popularity of these simple, yet very useful items, can also be explained by people’s desire to create unique spaces, whether it’s for their homes or for their workplaces. This is why many times people will even display a unique vase as a piece of art, with a space dedicated especially to it.

Learn More about Vases

With their primary purpose as vessels for keeping and displaying flowers, vases have been object of admiration since ancient times. In fact, they used to be a status symbol. However, today there are countless different vases, made of many different materials, that have become a must-have part of every place.

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There are many characteristics that can be used to talk about all the styles of vases, but the easiest one when it comes to vases used in interior design is by the way they are displayed. In this sense, we have two vase categories: floor and table vases.

When we talk about vases, in terms of their abilities to keep flowers fresh, the most important thing is the materials of which they are manufactured. Vases can be made from a variety of materials, anything from glass, ceramic materials, crystal, plastic, rattan, all the way to concrete and stone.

Learn about Different Ways to Decorate with Vases

If your idea is to use it for its main purpose – for flowers, you can select a simple, beautiful contemporary flower vase. This way the focus will be more on the flowers then on the vase itself. You could go for a taller or a shorter one, depending on the flowers you want to display, or on the way you want to display them.

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However, vases don’t have to be filled with flowers. In fact, there are some vintage or contemporary that are best left without flowers, and they can serve as part of the home decor. You could use a piece like this to bring in colour or to balance the side of a chair or a sofa. You can place a big contemporary floor vase in an empty corner, a small wall, or a narrow place, for instance, to serve as a dramatic accent and to transform a dull place into an asset to your home decor. Or you can add bamboo or dry tall plants or branches to a smaller vase to make it seem higher. Floor vases are also great to mark a space in some way, for instance to separate areas, if you have an open floor design.

Another always current way to decorate with vases is to create a grouping. Select and buy wholesale vases, preferably in varying heights, shapes, designs for a more impactful and interesting touch. You could place them on a side table, on a shelve, on a counter… You could also place them around a piece of artwork, for instance a wall art leaned on the wall, to add interest, and accent the piece even more. To make things more interesting you could let a vase hide a small portion of the art.

Furthermore, you can mix your vases with other decorations, or you can let them stand on their own – on a shelve, on a countertop… Handcrafted vases can be simply art pieces, and they deserve to be displayed like one. They can be placed alone, or accompanied with other decorations to accent them.

Learn More about Decorating Vases with Flowers

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If you like adding flowers to your home, there are ways to ensure that they will last longer, and that they won’t look odd. Of course, you can also decorate with artificial flowers, or with dry flowers. However, if you love the colours, the smell, and the overall beauty that flowers bring to the world (and can bring to your home), learning about which vases are best for which types of flowers, can make a huge difference.

For instance, glass bulb vases are great for flowers that need a lot of water. Flowers with long stems, will stay fresh longer in tall and narrower vases. This is mostly because they would be protected from breaking off, apart from looking stunning. And lastly, small vases are the best fit for individual flowers.

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