Vinyl Tiles Flooring – The Hottest 2014 Flooring Trend

In the world of flooring, carpeting is getting softer, wood more roughed-up and vinyl is getting more and more luxurious. When it comes to selecting a floor, many homeowners want the classic look of tiles or hardwood, but not the price tags. Or, maybe these flooring options do not fit the lifestyle of their families. Whichever the reason, vinyl tiles flooring can be a very smart solution. This flooring type has become very popular in recent years and is available in wide range of styles, patterns and colours, including designs that mimic the natural look of wood or stone. Vinyl tiles flooring provide numerous design options and can be matched and mixed to create unique and interesting designs and patterns.

Vinyl Tiles Flooring

Over the past years, there has been a rebirth of vinyl tiles flooring use in residential homes. While it never went out of style, new technology has improved the look and the installation process of this modern and unique flooring solution. Luxury vinyl is able to imitate the high quality look of flooring materials like marble, granite and even slate. The variations of colours and the texture also mimics natural stone tile, which gives your home a lavish look. Although vinyl tiles flooring looks similar to hardwood, it is far more softer and feels more comfortable underfoot, thanks to its foam or felt backing. That makes vinyl tiles flooring perfect choice for bathrooms where slip and fall accidents are very common.


If installed and maintained properly, vinyl tiles flooring can last 15 years or even longer. Maintenance is simple and economical. Most stains can be removed with soapy water only. However, if this does not remove all the dirt, then you canwash it with bleach or ammonia solution. Always rinse with hot clean water. When the gloss coating of the vinyl tiles eventually wears down, their shine can be restored using vinyl floor wax. Although this flooring is very durable, it still can be damaged. That is why prevention is better than cure. The better you take care of your vinyl tiles flooring, the longer it will serve you.

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