Wethepeople: A Timeless BMX Brand Trend

One can’t explain about BMX without referring to trends – BMX, short for bicycle motocross, is all about trends coming and going. After appearing as an exciting sport thanks to the motocross enthusiasts in the 1950s and 1960s, looking for a more affordable alternative, BMX has continued to gain in popularity, setting its roots in modern culture.

Wethepeople Bmx

The creation of off-road bikes has influenced the appearance of many brands, competing with their designs, with those in particular that sure made their impression being Wethepeople Bmx complete bikes. Established by BMX riders themselves, Wethepeople as a German brand is what can be considered the dream for BMX fans, explaining why it’s at the forefront of BMX trends, spreading beyond the bike choices, and into urban style apparel as well.

With the dedication to make designs of outstanding quality, making groundbreaking changes with the frames, forks, and rails, accompanied by superior craftsmanship, it was Wethepeople Bmx bikes got to what they are today, shifting from the heavy and bulky metal based standardised models, to the fine, lightweight, and versatile of today in the likes of the iconic cruiser’s favourite Atlas 24, and Curse 20 freestyle riders are passionate about.

The enhancing of BMX bikes brought to the development of different BMX riding styles, and Wethepeople have all of the styles covered with ingenious classy and stylish designs for more than two decades at competitive prices.

While motocross signifies dirt bike riding, and conquering muddy terrains, and hills, Wethepeople’s bike designs proved BMX bikes can be equally suitable for the urban parks and terrains, more so when it comes to jumping trails, and handrails.

Constantly striving to evolve, implementing innovative ideas, it’s a brand that has plenty to offer for all BMX riders, from beginners to pros – extensive options is what they are famous for. They keep surprising fans with their range every year, from the choice of top-notch bits and pieces, to the different features suitable for different riding styles.

Some of their bikes that marked this year are the small Prime 12”, Nova, the upgraded Curse 18”, and 20” to satisfy park riders, the longer 21.15” Volta much to the excitement of trail riders, and the special copper only edition of the Envy.

Equipped with the latest aftermarket parts, the 2017 Envy has been redesigned so it would be the ideal companion for riders of different styles, charming street and park riders altogether. As Wethepeople stay loyal to sweeping BMX fans off their feet each coming year with unmatched designs, we have to prepare to be amazed with what they have in store for us for 2018.

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