What Makes Wooden Toys Such a Popular Trend

It’s 2019, and natural and organic products are a huge trend. Whether it’s skincare or clothes – people are increasingly opting to use versions that are healthier and more natural. And interestingly enough, the same goes for toys as well. Instead of buying plastic cars and doll-houses, more and more parents choose to let their children grow up surrounded by wooden toys. So, what are the reasons wooden toys are so popular right now?

They Are Healthier & Safer

As all babies and toddlers like to inspect things with their mouth, it’s essential that you let them play only with the safest and healthiest toys you can find. However, plastic toys aren’t even remotely safe or healthy. As many studies show, plastic toys contain alarming levels of toxins such as phthalates and bisphenol A – known for causing harmful effects on health. What’s more, plastic toys are easy to break into sharp pieces that can hurt the child and often come with small parts that can detach and become a choking hazard.

Kids wooden tool benches

On the other hand, wooden toys are made of 100% natural materials, which means they are free from toxic chemicals. What’s more, wooden toys are sturdier than plastic toys and cannot break easily into smaller parts which can become a hazard. Even when playing with something that consists of multiple pieces such as a wooden tool bench children can stay safe as long as you choose a model that contains bolts, screws and other tools that are too big to swallow.

They Promote the Development of Crucial Skills

While plastic toys are good at grabbing children’s attention, they do not motivate them to get actively involved. For instance, a plastic car that’s running on batteries will move around the room itself and make its own sounds, while the child is a passive observer. On the other hand, a child playing with a wooden car will need to actively push or hold the car in order for it to move and will try to mimic car sounds as the toy will be silent. As a result, children playing with wooden toys get to exercise their motor and voice skills more, which can help with their development and speech.

They Are Super Durable

Let’s face it, children aren’t exactly gentle with their toys. So, unless the toy is sturdy enough, a child can easily break it after months or weeks of play. As a parent, this can often mean buying a new and expensive shiny toy only to have to throw it out after a short while. So, if you’re tired of having to spend loads of money on toys your child can play with, it’s time to get something that’s designed to withstand heavy use and abuse – wooden toys. As wood is a very sturdy material, a lot stronger than plastic, these toys rarely get damaged beyond the basic scratch or dent. So, whether it’s something as simple as wooden blocks or as a wooden tool bench children are less likely to destroy them. Some wooden toys can stay around for decades, eventually becoming cherished family heirlooms.

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