What’s the Current Trend Regarding Hood Protectors ?

Bonnet Protector

A lot of city people think that hood covers or bonnet protectors are ugly and unnecessary for their vehicle. Whether they’re ugly or not can be debatable, because everyone has different taste, however, if you ask anyone from the country whether they’re unnecessary, I think you’ll get the same answer 90% of the time – no. In fact, most people who live and drive in the country side can’t imagine not having one.

The vehicle’s front is its most vulnerable part and it is very susceptible to damage from sand, dirt, insects and road debris. The bonnet protector is designed to protect that fragile part so that you can maintain your vehicle’s paint job and preserve your vehicle’s value for as much as possible, as long as possible. Besides being extremely functional, a bonnet protector can personalize your vehicle and enable you to advertise your business in a cost-effective fashion.

There are many different types of hood covers, they all have the same purpose but different appeal. The bonnet protector you opt to go for will be dependent on your taste mainly. The two main types are full hood protectors and the so-called vehicle bras.

Full hood covers are typically made from polyester with spandex or lycra for a tight fit, and as their name implies, they cover the entire hood. They can be printed with any design using fade-resistant methods. Most popular choices for printing hood covers are business and sports logos. Some retailers offer customization options so you can create or give them a specific picture to be printed on the cover. Since they’re easy to install and uninstall, they can be a great choice for personalizing your vehicle during game days or events without having to commit to them permanently.

The vehicle bras on the other hand, cover the front end of the vehicle and part of the hood only. This however, is dependent on the design. They’re typically made from leather or vinyl and can come in different colours to contrast or coordinate with the existing vehicle colour. Most vehicle bras have superior weather protection, making them extremely durable in wet weather and allowing them to be washed with the car without any fear of damage. However, you should check the guarantee when shopping for a bra to avoid unwanted damage to the vehicle or the bra, just in case.

There is a third type of protection – protective film, however, this one only protects against the sun’s UV rays, preventing the vehicle’s paint job from fading and discolouring. This type usually comes in DIY kits with pre-cut shapes that have been made to fit the model and make of the vehicle. While this can also guard against insects, dirt and sand, it’s not as efficient as the other two types.

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