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Why Faux Plants Are an Interior Home Decor Trend?

There are many reasons why faux plants are so trendy right now. They are very easy to look after, last for an eternity and are available in a range of interesting species that don’t require specific conditions to thrive. Also, since not everyone is lucky enough to have all the conditions required for creating a modern jungle with different types of indoor and outdoor plants faking your way to a more lush-looking space can actually be the real deal.

Faux Flowers and Plants are More Realistic Than Ever

As opposed to faux plants and flowers from the past, where they looked quite plastic, today’s artificial plants look more realistic than ever and sometimes it can be even hard to tell the difference. What’s more, they are not only realistic for the eyes, but even when you touch one, it can feel like touching a real live plant.

Today you can find lots of beautiful artificial flowers online that can add colour and freshness to any place. Moreover, they are all designed with leaves and stems in many different sizes and colours that give them a natural appearance which means that they can also easily blend with any natural plants you already have at home.

They Are Durable

Unlike natural plants, faux plants can never be affected by seasonal changes. That means they do not shed flowers or leaves and they don’t change in colour and appearance. Besides, these plants are made of long lasting materials of high quality which make them resistant to water and pests. Hence, things like humidity, light and temperature can’t have a negative effect on them. It is advisable to avoid buying cheap artificial flowers online or in your nearest store, but to choose carefully and spend a little bit more money so you can get something more durable and appealing.

They Require Low Maintenance

Due to the hectic nature of modern lifestyles, people seek to find something that can offer certain flexibility and doesn’t require more that they can handle.

Well, except for light cleaning every now and then, these decorative items require extremely low maintenance – you won’t have to worry about the regular watering, feeding, misting and trimming which makes them great for saving money and time.

Another advantage of having these kind of plants is that they don’t grow and there is no change to overgrow their plant pot or even your home. This is ideal if you have a limited amount of space and if you want to avoid all the hustle of having to report the plant as it grows.

All in all, investing in faux plants is the most economical option, especially in tight budget situations, because they are a long-term one-time investment.

Wide Variety

Another advantage of having faux plants in your home is the option to implement the look of exotic plants that can add a luxurious note to your home décor without worrying that they’ll whither.

You can go for faux nandina hanging plant to sago palm, areca palm tree, dracaena red plant and other artificial flowers like beautiful pink or white orchids that you can place anywhere you like at any time of the year.

Furthermore, since they remain the same size and don’t change the look during the seasons, whether you are trying to add a little bit of greenery here and there or you want to go big with a lush indoor jungle, you can find artificial plants and flowers in a range of different species and sizes that can always suit your décor and design.

That being said, here are some popular types of faux plants and tips on how use them in your home.

Hanging Plant

Today, vertical gardens are a growing design trend in decorating. So, hanging plants such as faux nandina can be a perfect choice for adding height to your indoor garden. With its long hanging stems, it can be placed away from the ground where it can’t be damaged by pets or children.

Fern Potted Plant

This leafy fern with super realistic look has bushy stems that need more space. However, it is not overly large and you can put it on a mantle, side table or a cabinet. It may look best if you pair it with other plants so you can create a wild jungle-wild look. Anyway, if you want to give even more height to this artificial plant, you can take it up a level, putting it on a plant pot on a stand.


Small succulents are very cute and perfect for adding pops of greenery anywhere in your home. You can put them on shelves, side tables, on your dressing table in your bedroom or on your desk in the office. Whether they are displayed on their own or paired with other groups of plants, these artificial succulents look great and can easily be moved around as you change your décor.

They Are Safe

Although natural plants are known to improve the air quality around them, there can be also some side effects of having them in a large number in your home. Some of them can cause allergic reactions, attract pests or simply create dirt near the pots. It is also known that if you keep a natural plant in the bedroom it may harm your dreams due to its strong and vibrant energy of growth and movement, which is not the energy recommended for the room where you sleep in. That is why, if you wish to add some greenery in your bedroom, it is best to opt for a good quality faux plant which can be a great addition to your stylish bedside table.

Furthermore, artificial plants and flowers are made from good quality and non-allergic materials that don’t attract pests. They don’t even require regular potting which makes maintaining a hygienic environment easy and what is the most important, these kind of plants are non-toxic and they can’t be a treat to children and pets. So, if you don’t want to go through the hustle of any side-effects, choose artificial plants.

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