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Window Blinds: A Timeless Decorating Trend

The eyes are windows to the soul. And the windows? Well, they can be the soul of a room’s interior design when properly decorated. Leave them bare, and windows become unsightly holes in your walls. But add a distinctive and stylish covering, and suddenly you get to have more privacy, control over how much sunlight can fill up the space and, of course, better-looking windows. No wonder window blinds are one home improvement trend that seems to never go away, no matter how times and style change.Custom Blinds Online

People love blinds because they are wonderfully adjustable. Unlike curtains, which you need to completely close for privacy, tilting the slats of your Venetians can allow a delightful amount of light to get in, while keeping the inside of your home hidden to the outside eye. When opting for slated blinds like Venetians for instance, the width of the slat is an important consideration. A 3 cm width is very popular for contemporary homes, while 5 cm slats are perfectly at home with more traditional setting.

The blinds’ material is one of the most delicate question homeowners ask themselves. Roller blinds look wonderfully in Hamptons homes and beach houses because they are made out of a sheer, airy material. However, this can mean that you’ll never get to have a completely dark room. Wood is perhaps the most traditional material which works well with most types of blinds. However, in humid areas the wood can slowly start to warp. Aluminium blinds are great for kitchen and bathrooms because of their moisture resistance, and can also be a stylish element matching modern settings and offices. If you like to have greater control over choosing the material, a good decision is to order custom blinds online or from a brick and mortar store.

When purchasing blinds there’s one decision you’ll have to make. Should you go with ready-made or order custom blinds online or from a local blinds retailer. Ready-made blinds can be bought at just about any paint and tile store, and at many home furnishings stores. These blinds come in a limited range of sizes which means that they won’t fit well with some windows. Moreover, should these blinds break, you’ll have to replace the whole blind because separate parts are extremely hard to source.

On the other hand, there are custom blinds which give you the freedom to choose material, colour and mechanism, as long as you provide the manufacturer with your window’s correct measurements. Today, you can conveniently shop for custom blinds online and get them delivered to your front door. This kind of tailored window solution is guaranteed to meet the needs and preferences of every homeowner.

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