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Wotnot Wipes: The Newest Trend in Natural Baby Care Products

Whether you are new to parenting or not, the one thing that stays the same for everybody is that babies need stuff and a lot. Truth be told, there are many products that are must-haves for babies since day one and parents cannot imagine their lives without them. And one of those items is baby wipes.

Although we are living in a modern world, more and more parents are relying on the use of natural products to soothe and keep clean their babies. Until recently, the choice for natural baby wipes was poor, but nowadays, parents have the option to choose from a wide range of quality and convenient to use but most importantly natural baby wipes, like the ones coming from Wotnot.

How Wotnot Came to Be

The story of Wotnot started in 2004 when the owners introduced the world’s first eco-friendly disposable MOLTEX nappy to Australian parents. These nappies immediately became the number one among Aussies because they loved the quality and their eco-credentials. Besides this, they were soft, easy to use and most importantly, these nappies don’t irritate the baby’s skin. In those times when the owners of Wotnot couldn’t find a specific natural and eco-friendly product, they would collaborate with their customers to create some of Wotnot’s unique products. This practice of theirs has stayed the same even today. So yeah, this is how Wotnot Naturals was born.


Nowadays, the company can take pride in all of its natural products that are designed to keep babies’ skin soft and clean without causing any damage to their health. The organic sunscreen is ideal for protecting the skin from the sun while providing relief from eczema and all thanks to the aloe vera which is great for sensitive skin.

Wotnot also has a natural nappy rash cream in its babies collection, as well as baby lotion and shampoo. Besides the irreplaceable Aloe Vera, the baby lotion also contains jojoba without leaving greasiness and oiliness on the skin. All in all, everything this company creates is kind and nourishing to the babies skin without making damage to the environment.

What Makes Their Wipes So Popular?

Designed by Aussie mums for delicate bums, Wotnot wipes will keep your baby and the whole family clean without compromising your health. Made from 100% natural bamboo fibres and certified organic ingredients, you can use them for many other purposes than just cleaning your baby’s bottom. Whether you need to clean spills from a chair and rug or from your baby’s face and hands, the gentle Wotnot wipes will clean everything without irritations.


And the best of all is that each of these wipes comes in an extra-large size which means that with only one wipe you can clean everything. This, on the other hand, gives you more value for the money and also, less waste.

Super soft, gentle and super strong, Wotnot baby wipes contain no hidden toxic, chemicals or fragrances. They only contain certified organic aloe and vitamin E which are extremely gentle on the delicate baby skin, designed to heal and protect. This means that these natural wipes are approved even for babies with the most sensitive skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, glycols, caustics and chlorine, these wipes are the winner of the organic Expo 2010 GOLD MEDAL Award. These incredible and gentle wipes are also the winner of My Child Excellence Awards 2016 – Silver Award for ‘Favourite Baby Wipes’.

Available in different packs and also in a convenient travel pack, these wipes will be able to gently cleanse your baby’s skin without stripping natural oils. The travel pack is so compact and convenient, that you can keep it in your bag, backpack, gym bag, car or anywhere you want. If wondering ‘Are Wotnot wipes compostable?’, you should know that they are. This means that even when you throw them away, they won’t make damage to the environment.


Key Things to Know About the Wotnot Brand

  • The core values of Wotnot are: Respect, Commitment, Courage and Collaboration.
  • Their products are not tested on animals.
  • The products are crafted with respect for both the people and the planet.
  • The company is committed not to compromise on your family’s health and wellbeing.
  • Wotnot is a company that donates a percentage of all sales to Bear Cottage and Women’s Community Shelters Australia.
  • The packaging of their products is made in Australia using recycled plastic.
  • The boxes are biodegradable and compostable.
  • This company creates a formula with ingredients that are edible and approved by the ACO and COSMOS.
  • Some of the most popular Wotnot products ingredients are Kakadu plum extract and certified organic camellia oil.
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