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Xylitol: The No-Added-Sugar Trend to Embrace

The number of people who are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle has been on the rise these past few years. Many of them decide to start with a slow tempo and cut back on the amount of sugar they consume. However, although this may seem like a pretty easy thing to do, having your morning coffee without even a drop of sugar whatsoever, can be quite a bitter start of your day. For that reason, instead of entirely taking sugar off your kitchen counter, many people decide to switch to the healthier alternatives. On today’s menu of healthy choices – xylitol sugar – your ally to adding a dose of sweetness minus the negative impacts. A real tasty treat.

xylitol sugar

Xylitol is a natural substance that is contained in the fibers of many vegetables and fruits. Our bodies can also produce xylitol but those amounts are quite small. The most common sources of xylitol are the cell walls of rice, beech trees, cotton and wheat husks, but the main source of xylitol for commercial use are corn cobs. Once this substance is extracted and processed, the final result is a white powder that is really similar to regular table sugar. However, here’s the best part – it is much, much healthier.

One gram of xylitol sugar contains only 2.4 calories and has a Glycemic index of 7 which makes it the perfect choice for people who suffer from diabetes. The low Glycemic value means that it has a small effect on insulin and blood sugar levels. It is often found in mints and chewing gums and can be easily added to coffee or tea instead of table sugar. Also, many people use this natural sweetener in cooking and baking. Do your research and you will definitely come across many ideas on how to cook with xylitol and prepare more healthier food by your choice.
There are many studies that show the safe side and the benefits of xylitol which are also proven in dentistry. What you eat significantly reflects the health of your teeth and it’s a well known fact that consuming too much sugar can cause periodontal disease and decay. When saliva turns acidic as a result of the large amount of sugar, the bacteria in the mouth have a feeding frenzy and start eating the enamel. Xylitol is capable of preventing this by raising the pH in your mouth, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

This natural sugar is a better option for your health compared to table sugar, however you still need to consume it moderately. This is so because consuming large amounts of xylitol may cause some discomforts such as diarrhea, bloating and gases. What is more important to mention, if you have a dog in your home, make sure you keep him away from xylitol as this sweetener can be fatal to your canine.

Xylitol is easily accessible – it comes in the form of powder and you can find it in most health food stores as well as in some online stores. Take care of your health and opt for the natural way to sweeten up your food – xylitol sugar.


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