Crop Tops for Complete and Trendy Dancewear

Dancing is a fun way to stay in good shape and improve your overall health and well-being. Be it for competitions, or simply as an active pastime – the benefits are many and dancing knows no restrictions regarding age, shape, and size. Improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased strength, stronger bones and greater self-confidence are just some of the numerous positive things you can achieve with regular dancing. When you are a dancer, pro or not, your body is your main instrument. In order to “play” it right, you need proper dance gear. That being said, let’s go through some of the main things you’ll need.

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are here to support your feet regardless of the type of dancing you choose to do. Ballet shoes, sneakers, pointe shoes, jazz or tap – find the ones that meet your needs and go at it. Dance shoes are designed to provide comfort and balance. They should have non-slip suede soles, a metal shank in the arch for support and be lightweight and flexible.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are perfect for feeling flexible during every movement. Dance crop tops Australia dancers prefer are made of breathable materials which offer enough support so that you do not have to wear anything underneath. Crop tops can be found in many different styles, patterns, and sizes. They can be sleeveless (or not), with different kinds of designs and forms. For easier shopping experience you can check out the dance crop tops Australia online stores offer, and make a well-informed decision on which model is the best one for you. In order to ensure maximum comfort and support make sure that you opt for a crop top that can endure high impacts and extra physical activity, and that it will stay in place the whole time.


Tights have numerous purposes when it comes to dancing. These compression items will keep you supported, well-sculpted and flawless even under the brightest and most unforgiving dance-studio lights. Being warm is important for the muscles too. Tights keep the heat in and make the muscles work better. Additionally, they keep your legs and feet dry which is very convenient when in constant movement.

The Small Extras

Bobby pins, band-aids, water bottle, towel, warmers – these are small things that make big differences. You should always look neat and securing your hair adds to your overall image as a dancer. Having your well-being in mind, band-aids are helpful for little accidents and water bottles for avoiding dehydration. Finally, warmers are here to keep you warm until you get more active. These should be put over your dance attire and it is recommended that they are easily removable.

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