Trendy, Practical and Stylish: Reasons to Get Maui Jim Sunglasses

Just saying Maui Jim out loud conjures an image of a cool, relaxed guy who’s spent most of his life on one of Oceania’s islands, basking in the sun daily, surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean and just being … Continued

pla filament for 3d printing

Keep Up With the Latest 3D Printing Trends: Popular 3D Printing Filaments

People who are looking to get into 3D printing prioritise getting the right 3D printer to match their needs and budget, but what they don’t pay enough attention to is the filament they’ll feed through it. After all, all plastic … Continued


Bathroom Window Coverings – Combine Trends and Functionality

Years ago, bathrooms used to be decorated and equipped strictly with functionality in mind. Luckily, that isn’t the case any more. Nowadays, most modern bathrooms are designed in a way that they reflect a person’s interests, personality and individual style, … Continued

military machetes

Military Machete: What Makes It a Trend Among Campers?

The early origins of the machete date back between 3000 and 1000 BC. Back then, this tool was closer to a sickle than to what it is today. Ancient Egyptians that used this sickle-shaped sword called it khopesh whilst the Greeks … Continued

Cookware toys

The Trendiest Types of Toys for Toddler Girls and Boys

When it comes to choosing a toy for your toddler, it’s best to look for ones that combine fun and education. There are so many things kids can learn through play, things that prepare them for their development ahead, such … Continued