indoor black hanging pots for planters

Bring the Outdoors In: Trendy Hanging Pots for Indoor Plants

Decorating your home with plants can add instant greenery to your abode, improving the overall atmosphere. While faux plants are an interior home decor trend, real plants are more beneficial for our health. Caring for your indoor plants is a … Continued


Beyond Trend: ResMed CPAP Machine Is the Solution for Better Sleep

If you have sleep apnea you know the struggle. People that have sleep apnea suffer from irregular breathing while sleeping, gasping for air, stop breathing for short periods and they wake up often during the night, meaning it’s hard for … Continued

Trendy Boat Accessories

Trendy Boat Accessories to Increase Comfort and Enjoy Boating

Boating is heavily dependent upon the weather and the sea conditions. When conditions are not favourable, but you have already set sail anyway, the whole experience can be physically and mentally exhausting. If they aren’t used to, many guests on … Continued

picture of a woman on her knee tying her inline skates on a concrete in a park

Hot New Fitness Trends: Inline Skating, Skateboarding and Cycling

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for many of us. The coronavirus pandemic brought strict limitations on movement and opportunities as we’ve never seen before. Social distancing is part of our everyday lives now and gyms and sports halls are … Continued

Workspace Trends: Make Your Office Accessible with Wheelchair Ramps

Making sure everyone feels welcome and included in your workplace, and has an easy time navigating around it can be key to your business’s image and success. One of the most basic, yet impactful things you can do to improve … Continued