friends drinking chardonnay

Fine Wining: The Benefits of Drinking Chardonnay

Wine is considered one of the most sophisticated drinks out there. Often found on the tables of the rich and famous as well as people like you and me, it’s a drink that offers a lot more than just a … Continued

picture of an active older woman wearing stylish clothes walking beside a lake

Lifestyle Guide for Mature Women: Make the Most Out of Old Age

Who says that you can’t have a little fun with fashion once you get older? This doesn’t necessarily mean choosing outfits that will make you look “younger” but rather wearing clothes that are comfy and personalizing your style to reflect … Continued

wiring electrical cables

How to Run a Cable Anywhere in Your House

From finding the right conduit and right switches, electricity has been reliant on several crucial pieces of hardware since its existence. You see, electricity wasn’t “invented”, but rather discovered. Electrical power was always there, we just weren’t able to harness it some … Continued

Donut cover

Jump on the Doughnut Trend-Wagon: Delicious and Fun Doughnut Facts

Are you a member of the massive worldwide fan-group of the deliciousness that doughnuts offer? Have you ever chosen a doughnut over pizza, or over a chocolate cake? Have you ever been a part of a discussion over the correct … Continued

motorhome interior

CALB Lithium Batteries: What Your Solar-Powered Motorhome Needs

Storing electricity is the future of everything that’s on the go, be it cars, smartphones or scooters. Because of this, batteries are becoming more frequently used to power devices and vehicles, with the most commonly used ones containing lithium cell … Continued