picture of woman standing on a stairs wearing hat, dress and sandals

Trendy Sandals for Women: Prepare for a Comfortable and Stylish Summer

While many things affect your comfort when you go out of the house, nothing can make or break your day like your choice of shoes. Choosing the right footwear is equally important regardless of the time of year. However, with … Continued

Manage Your Dog’s Liver Disease with Denamarin: Pet Health is a Lifestyle, Not a Trend

Not only does the liver produce bile, cholesterol and certain proteins like albumin, clotting factors, immune factors and special proteins (lipoproteins) that carry fats throughout the body but it also stores iron, blood and glucose in the form of glycogen. … Continued

bike saddle

Join the Cycling Trend: How to Choose the Right Bike Saddle

Bike saddles are one of the most significant components for comfort and posture. Whether you’re looking for a new one because your old one isn’t comfy any more or you need to replace it for another reason, selecting the appropriate one is critical.

Three girls wearing streetwear clothes

Fashion Trends: Women’s Streetwear Is the Perfect Fusion of Uniqueness, Comfort & Different Cultures

Nowadays there are ladies of all ages who like to use pieces of women’s streetwear in their everyday outfits, and not only for fashion but also for what it represents.

lvt floorin

Safe First Steps: Choosing the Best Nursery Flooring, Rugs, and Play Mats

Floors are some of the biggest surfaces in the home, and how they look has a huge impact on the overall style of the space. And while choosing something that will cover such a big surface of your home is … Continued