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Hampton Desks – Add a Refined & Relaxing Vibe to Your Home Office Design

hamptons home office

In these times, when many of us are working from home, it’s important to create a functional, yet inspiring space. As the number of Australians working from their homes has increased lately, home offices have become an essential unit in many households.

To ensure the time you spend in your home office is productive, designers recommend choosing a style that’s simple, functional, yet warm, such as the Hamptons style. This is a classic coastal style inspired by the architecture and interior decor of holiday homes of the seaside resort community in New York’s Long Island.

It is simple, but elegant and brings a certain level of sleekness and inviting warmth to any room. The soothing colour palette combined with well-made furniture pieces provides a feeling of comfort, defined with a bright, fresh, and sophisticated vibe. So, how do you get the look?

Spotlight Element: The Desk

hamptons home office with a hit of a wood element

It’s easy to notice and fall for the beachy vibes that prevail, mainly thanks to the use of wood and natural textures. The main piece of the puzzle for establishing that look is the desk itself. A Hamptons desk can add a relaxing vibe and sophistication to your home office, reflecting the modern and minimalist aspect of the interior. Every Hamptons style desk is a finely crafted piece, made from solid wood and featuring attractively finished sides. The style itself calls for the use of natural wood, with oak and pine being the most popular materials used for crafting high quality desks, however, it’s not unusual to see timber or rattan being used as well.

Oak is the most widely used hardwood and it is light coloured and strong. It’s a long-lasting material that adds a natural aspect to the desk and the entire office as well. When the finish is natural, the variations and contrasts of this quality material shine and create a beautiful look with no need for any ornamentation.

Pine is a softwood that comes in white or pale yellow colour. It’s light to medium weight, strong and resistant to shrinking and swelling. It gives a soft and natural look to the desk which translated into additional charm and elegance to the office.

Timber is a naturally occurring material, a type of wood processed into beams and planks. Good quality timber is used for building houses and making furniture since it’s a durable and strong material, available in a variety of finishes. It gives shiny and fresh attributes to the furniture, and to the room itself.

Rattan, or rattan cane, is a popular material used for achieving the Hamptons look. It is a strong and durable wood that gives a specific and relaxed look to the furniture, whether it’s a sofa, chair or a desk.

A classic Hamptons style desk has clean fresh lines that can fit well in almost all previously established interior styles. Some desks feature stylish tapered legs that inspire a more elegant look. Modern designs make a great combination of classic and contemporary elements, depicting the style through light coloured wooden desks.

The colour palette of the Hamptons style is predominately neutral featuring crisp whites and earthy, creamy or ivory tones. To implement the Hamptons look in your home office, render the colour of the desk a base that will set the tone for the whole space. The ultimate goal when placing furniture is a sense of symmetry and balance that will initiate a calm and relaxed working atmosphere.


classic hamptons style home office

Storage space is a key element for a productive and efficient day in your home office. Hampton desks offer many solutions for additional storage, like drawers with round metal knobs and filing cabinets. Some desks feature a double leg design which makes for more storage potential underneath the desk and extra free space on the top. You can always add boxes and use them to keep everything labelled and in order. Adding shelves is another solution to minimize the clutter in your working environment.

Make sure to always clear your desk before ending your working day, even though you’re working from home. Developing this habit will increase your productivity and improve your results.

Find the Right Angle

brown hamptons home office

You can set the desk at an angle you find most suitable for your working habits, just make sure you’re not sitting with your back turned to the window because the screen glare will start bothering your eyes after a while. This is one of the main things you ought to do to create a more functional working space, but there are many other details that affect ergonomics.

Add Some Warm Accents

hamptons home office with touch of warm elements

Create an aesthetically pleasing office by adding some warm elements, such as rugs, pillows, and throws. Materials like leather, linen, cotton or wool in neutral tones and stripes will fit perfectly. Not only can they complement Hampton’s look, but this can also make the space cosier and more homey.

Add More Charm

white home hamptons office

You can use classic shaped lamps to brighten up the space, or hang eye-catching and inspirational artworks. Coastal motifs are often used to enrich Hamptons look as they offer the beauty and calmness of the seaside. Some people even use scented candles to bring the sea freshness to their home office.

Personalise the Space

modern home office

And of course, add some personal touch to your Hamptons-inspired office by surrounding yourself with special meaningful items, like framed family photos or photos of your pet. To keep it tasteful limit yourself to maximum 3 photos.

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