Beyond Trends: Diamonds Are Forever

You’ve probably heard the cliches about diamonds: they are forever; they speak louder than words and they are a girl’s best friend. They are all true! And this not only holds true for grateful solitaire pendants or diamond-covered cocktail earrings, … Continued

Skincare Trends: Men Need Moisturizer Too

So, you’ve upgraded from only using soap-and-water to establishing a small skincare routine that involves using a cleanser that makes your skin feel smoother and glowing. Baby steps, we get it. Now, it’s time to pick a moisturizer that will give … Continued

Spa Pools: The Reasons Behind the Trend

Hot water has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries, so it shouldn’t come as surprise swim spas are trendy for quite some time now. In Australia alone they’ve grown into popularity because they provide the best of both worlds … Continued

Keeping Up With the Latest Men’s Sneaker Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you probably know that your sneakers are designed to be used for a lot more than just going to the gym. Although they initially started off as … Continued