Expressing Authenticity Clear & Loud Through the Hipster Style

Hipsters – the young bohemians that have a love-hate relationship with the world and it loves and hates them back. Before I move on to some of the basics of this style, I want to make it clear that this is not something you should force yourself into just to look cool. This style, in fact, created itself naturally and over time due to the fact that there is a certain group of people born from the 1970’s to the early 2000’s who do not resonate with a lot of things present within the mainstream culture. Said people spontaneously gravitate toward authentic expression, listening to alternative or old-fashioned music and wearing vintage pieces of wardrobe and accessories.

streetwear jewellery

If you feel inclined toward the hipster style, you’ll notice that you have an aversion to all things trendy. This is why this style itself is not something you can actually put a finger on, cause it tends to vary a lot from person to person, but the main trait is not falling for anything popular to wear. The term itself is very elusive too and it’s not actually something new. The first people who used to be called hipsters were the jazz musicians (or the so-called jazz cats) of the 20’s.

There are, however, a few staples that all of these usually very creative people seem to like a lot. The checkered shirts, for instance, are a staple in every hipster’s wardrobe. An extra thing to keep in mind is that you can even skip ironing it so it looks as if you threw it on because it was the first thing you saw (which can actually be the real reason why it’s wrinkled). A bag with a crossed strap (like the messenger type) would be a great addition to the vintage vibe of this style too.

Bold, bright and simply unconventional accessories also fit the hip personality. A great example of unique pieces of streetwear jewellery are the Pig and Hen bracelets. Handcrafted from Dutch ship rope and featuring an intriguing metal piece, these bracelets are made to survive a lifetime. What makes them even more authentic pieces of streetwear jewellery is the story behind their creation, which goes back to the early 1600s when the Dutch ruled the seven seas and used to have a pig and a hen inked on their feet for the purpose of keeping bad luck at bay.
If you have poor eyesight, there’s one more accessory you can add to express your originality. Hipsters usually wear glasses that are progressive in an unconventional way or very old-fashioned. One of the most recognizable frame styles though is the black, square large one.

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