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Home Décor Trends: It’s Always Time for a Makeover

When it comes to the home interior décor, it’s always an unfinished thing. Even if you think you’ve done the best you could with a certain makeover, there’s always room for another improvement, and when there are so many trends can you really resist another makeover? All you need is finding the designer home decor shop that catches your eye, and wins your heart, the elements your home simply can’t do without, and start planning. chunky knit blankets

Ah, Hygge…

Speaking of trends, great news is Scandinavian style and designs are still very much in, so if you haven’t yet adopted them, now is as good a time as any. The concept and philosophy known as “hygge”, a Danish and Norwegian word that’s too valuable to be translated into a single word, refer to the feeling of cosy contentment, the pleasure of life in the simple things. That’s how those chunky knit blankets, cushions, and rugs have become signatures for the style – they can bring warmth and cosiness in any part of your home; how’s that for a makeover?

Bring in the Metallics

Humans and metals have always had the sort of unbreakable bond, and after all these years, metallic are still very much a trend, particularly brass and copper, and how can they not, looking and shining very much like gold as they do. This means you can’t go wrong piling up on anything shiny the designer home décor shops have in store; brass vases, coat hooks, reading lamps, mirror frames, anyone?

designer home décorNature Never Goes out of Style

This year, same as the previous years, and I suspect the following years, nature can be the ace up your sleeve if you don’t know where to begin with when trying to spice up the interior. The addition of a plant is more than welcome anywhere, in any room, any corner, and any spot you set your mind to; the vibrant plant branches and leaves, paired with the stylish planters and pots can bring any spot to life, whether it’s a side table in the hallway, right by your favourite sofa, or the bathtub corner.

Marble Equals Timelessness

Beauty is in the details, and those details are marble. Marble is definitely timeless, and the fact many home décor elements have gotten its charms doesn’t make it any easier to resist. You’d be able to find anything marble, from a tray, table clock, vases, and coasters, along with the marble tiles, tables, kitchen islands, wallpapers, and wall decals, so there’s no lack of options.


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