Menswear Trends: How to Pair Moleskin Jeans

Moleskin jeans. Men either love them or hate them. If you do hate them, it’s very likely because you have no idea how to pair them. After all, they are too casual to be worn with a suit jacket or a crisp white shirt, but also too formal to we matched with a regular shirt. So, the question is, how to achieve that perfect middle ground and make moleskin jeans work for you? To answer this question, it’s best to understand what kind of fabric this is and what other materials it goes well with. Without further ado, here’s how to take this staple of country living and turn it into a head-turning statement.

A Rugged, Cold-Weather Look

Moleskin fabric is the embodiment of endurance and the rugged lifestyle. After all, it’s a dense and heavy cotton fabric with a brushed surface reminiscent of suede. With that being said, the perfect time to bring out your moleskin skinny jeans out of the closet is during the colder months – from March to August. Instead of wearing long underwear that will be bunching-up your jeans and over-heating you indoors, moleskin jeans can save the day! For a chic, warm look, try to match them with a cashmere coat, a knit turtleneck, and some cool leather boots. And you’re all set for the winter!

A Chic, Semi-Formal Outfit

Moleskin is a fabric with a unique texture, which makes it the perfect way to give your formal outfits some edge. When paired with a classic tweed coat or jacket, the contrast in textures creates a really manly and confident vibe. And speaking of playing with texture, the key to wearing moleskin skinny jeans is to make sure the “heaviness” of the fabric matches the top. Not the physical weight, but how heavy it looks. For instance, a light linen shirt wouldn’t go well with heavy moleskin trousers, but a dense twill shirt definitely does!

How to Match Colours

The best thing about moleskin jeans is that they come in a variety of colours, allowing you to create a variety of interesting looks. There are the popular, neutral shades like brown, olive, stone, and forest green, and there are the more exciting ones like butter and merlot. It’s up to you to decide what kind of statement you want to make. If you want your look to be noticed, it’s best to pair your moleskins with a separate coloured jacket. On the other hand, matching your jeans with a same coloured top will create a muted look.

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