Pre-workout Trends for Ladies Taking the World by Storm

Anyone who has been struggling with more than a few extra kilos knows how tough that fight is. Especially if you are a woman. It is well known that men are able to lose more weight than women. They have more muscle tissue in the body and since muscle burns more calories than fat, they have 5 to 10% faster metabolism than women. Testosterone increases protein synthesis thus increasing metabolic rate, so yes you can blame it on the testosterone if you want, but guys do burn more calories than women. So, if you want to lose some weight, you’ll need to stick to your own training routine and eating schedule.

pre workout for weight loss

If all this is new to you and you don’t have any previous fitness experience, you can consult with a professional trainer and ask for professional advice. One very important aspect of this is finding the pre-workout that works for you. Everyone can use a little boost of energy in the gym including women. There are plenty of pre-workout supplements available so if your main goal is to get rid of those extra kilograms, then you should opt for pre workout for weight loss. When it comes to buying workouts you need to keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal. Quality differs a lot between brands and some workouts are better for men, some for women and there are some that work well for both. With that being said, a quality pre workout for weight loss for ladies should be low or no-calorie, low or no creatine and without testosterone boosters. In this article, I’ve listed three of the most popular pre-workout types for ladies.

Cellucor C4 Original – Without a doubt, one of the most popular supplements for weight loss on the market and for a good reason – it works perfectly well. It has great balance ingredients wise, includes just the right amount of caffeine, it is quality and comes with a friendly price tag. If you are new to pre-workouts, then this is the right one for you to try. It comes with good taste and a good energy level. It contains 150mg of caffeine and 5 calories per serving so for women who want to lose weight, this low calorie and tasty supplement will get the job done perfectly.

FitMiss Ignite – This pre-workout is designed specifically for the female population and comes in some very great flavours like fruit punch, strawberry, margarita. It comes with 100mg of caffeine, 5 calories per serving and some very great reviews along with the friendly price. There is no creatine inside so there will be no any additional water weight in your body. The flavours come from artificial sweeteners and the caffeine levels are a bit low so if you need a big boost maybe you should look for another supplement.

Kino Octane – This pre-workout product comes with all natural ingredients and zero calories without artificial flavourings. It is a great energy and performance booster, perfect for women who want to lose weight. This pre-workout comes packed with some great supplements that can fuel your training improving circulation and giving you enough energy so you can go harder for longer. The only downsides of this product are the high price and the flavour.

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