Urban Style Trends for Men: Emphasize YOU While Keeping Up With the NEW

By the time we hit our late teens or early twenties most of us have developed a certain sense of style and a preference towards the type of clothes that we like to wear. A lot of people learn pretty early on what their preferences are and they pretty much stick to it their entire lives, or at least for a few decades. However, there are a few that don’t really have a strong inclination towards one style or another, or simply aren’t very knowledgeable about fashion and current trends. If this doesn’t bother you much and you are happy wearing whatever falls into your hands or you like on a store window, then that is perfectly fine. But if you are tired of wondering whether or not you stand out thanks to your choice of clothing, then here is how to stay “hip with the trends”. 

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Starting from the top and working our way down, the first thing that you will need is the type of urban jackets mens magazines prefer to show and always have on their covers. What I mean by “urban jackets mens magazines prefer to show” is usually a bomber jacket because they can be worn in tandem with just about any other article of clothing and still look great.

As for what you should wear under that jacket, your best choice is something simple that still stands out. The great thing here is that you can pick out something as plain as a white sweater or even a single colour t-shirt with nothing on in and it will still fit in with the type of urban look that we are trying to build here.

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Next up we have the jeans and depending on your point of view these can either be the hardest or the easiest to pick out. First of all, your best bet is to go with denim since then you can wear them pretty much anywhere. The trickier part is picking out the stile, and while this really depends on personal preference, if I were you, I would forgo anything ripped or too gaudy and simply make sure they aren’t so tight they restrict movement or so loose that they are constantly falling.

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And finally there are the trainers. Like most of the other articles of clothing, there is no set rule as to what kind you should get and of course your biggest consideration should be personal preference. If we are however talking about the colour, then the only rule that matters and that you should keep in mind is that black blends in and white stands out. Think about what look you are going for with the rest of the ensemble and it will really be easy to pick the right shoes.

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