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4 Reasons Why Hiring a Removalist Outweighs the DIY Approach

Moving to a new home can be both a physically and emotionally stressful process. Especially if you are a settled family that has lived in one home for a long time, items and possessions have probably piled up. It’s always a great debate whether you should move everything by yourself or hire a professional Sydney removal company.

Moving heavy furniture and fragile objects exposes you to a risk of injury and it’s just a hassle that should be avoided. This should be a reason enough to hire a Sydney removal company. If it isn’t, there are many other reasons why hiring one is a great idea.

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Leave the Packing to the Professionals

Packing can take a considerable amount of time and it can account for 25% of your total moving expense. If you pack everything yourself, you are probably going to spend more. First, you’ll most likely use more boxes than necessary. Second, your vulnerable possessions will probably get damaged due to inappropriate packing. And lastly, what may take you weeks, it will probably take them a few days.

The Necessary Equipment

Moving companies have the right gadgets to make moving much more simpler. They have durable boxes, protective wrap paper, butcher paper, trucks with air cushions , four wheel, two wheel or an appliance dolly that will ensure your belongings are transferred in a safe and secure fashion. So whether you are moving a piano, an L shaped couch or dismantling your closet, the hired removalists will figure it out and move it for you.


Let’s face it, you certainly do not have the skills like the people who have helped move countless homes and fragile objects with success. These people are trained professionals who have been in many situations. They have the right knowledge and use the right techniques to move furniture down stairs, move pianos through small hallways and take down chandeliers without damaging a single crystal. Most removal companies will insure all of your belongings, which should provide you a peace of mind.

Storage Facilities

Often times, you’ll have to reach your final destination later than you have planned. In such cases professional movers provide storage facilities with both short term and long term storage options. This way, your valuables are stored safely from theft, damage or loss.

This being said, hiring a professional removals company outweighs the DYI approach. It’s much less stressful and no health risks are involved. So put your hesitations aside, and hire professional movers for the job.

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