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Catching Up with the Newest Trends in Design: Sliding Door Blinds

Whether your home is exposed to a lot of sunlight throughout the day or not, having blinds is considered an essential. The main reason for this is privacy, as people love to keep their lives private and away from the curious eyes of their neighbours for thousands of reasons. Now, when speaking about blinds, there are lots of them available on the market, out of which the trendiest these days are roller blinds.

Also known as sliding door blinds and linked blinds, the newest versions of roller blinds are extremely versatile, appealing and stylish. The beauty in sliding door blinds lies in their easy-link system which is durable and quiet, allowing for an individual and multiple blinds to be placed on both windows and doors. They also have intermediate brackets which have the ability to reduce the gap between the blinds from around 35 to 19mm. This allows for greater light control and privacy. On the other hand, users can also choose between a single motor or chain control operation.

Chain Blind Control

The chain drive versions of roller blinds can be raised or lowered with a chain. Usually, brackets are available in white and black colour, however, there is the possibility to have them made in any other colour. Regarding the chain colour, metal, stainless steel, black and white are the most commonly available colours. According to suppliers and manufacturers, the metal chains are among the most popular ones as they can hang well and are very discreet.

Motor Blind Control

Those who are interested in owning the newest technology would probably adore this new version of motorised roller blinds. Coming with a wire-free solution, these blind types eliminate the need for any expensive electrical wiring and usually come with a longer replacement warranty. The best part is that they can be controlled with the help of a remote and there’s a Wifi hub included, you can easily control your blinds remotely via a special smartphone app.

Generally speaking, the bottom rails of these new versions of roller blinds are silent, thus eliminating the annoying noise from banging blinds bumping against window frames. Subtle and sleek, today’s bottom rails are ideal for those who want noise-free, yet stylish blinds. Just like the rails chain colour, they are also available in a range of finishes, out of which the anodised, black and white are the most popular ones. Regarding the fabric, light-filtering, blackout and sunscreen fabrics are among the most suitable ones. An important thing to remember is to choose a fabric that is non-toxic and formaldehyde free. This is of vital importance especially for those who are prone to skin irritations or have breathing difficulties.

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