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Fishing Bloopers: Learn from Other Anglers’ Mistakes While Enjoying a Laugh or Two

Fishing Bloopers

If you are someone that goes fishing once or twice a week like myself, then you’ve probably had a few days when things just didn’t go your way. I’d often times find myself browsing the internet watching a fishing bloopers video or two and never thought that one day I’d find myself in such a situation so silly and unfortunate. But oh boy was I ever so wrong… Last weekend, when I was out fishing in Murray, I caught a Murray cod, and while jumping in excitement I accidentally slipped from the slippery surface on the boat, fell and dropped the fish back in the water.

My point is, you always have to be careful while you’re out there fishing, and realize that you could be the next star on the internet in a fishing bloopers video. But those blooper videos aren’t just for a good laugh, you can learn to do a lot of things from them, or rather, not to do.

Staying on firm ground, not too close to the edge of the boat or river bank is always a good piece of advice. On top of that, you still have to be careful because the water will often turn the soil into mud, or at least soften it and make it an unreliable surface to stand on.

It’s way too easy to get carried away in a conversation, due to the relaxing atmosphere fishing offers as an activity, and that’s when the big boys in the water decide to take a bite. It’s like they realize you aren’t paying attention at that particular moment, and they bite and just swim away with your reel or your pole before you realize it.

One other scenario that often happens to fishermen is when you do get the catch, and just expect for the fish to surrender and accept defeat. Well, you’re in for a big surprise, the fish will instead put up a real fight since its life is on the line. And that’s when you need to be calm, otherwise the fish will start moving violently and may cause you to fall down and seriously injure yourself.

Bottom line is, you really should watch blooper videos to see what you shouldn’t do on your next trip and of course, to get a good laugh. Of course you can’t always prevent accidents from happening, but you can surely decrease the odds for it to not happen.

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