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Flammable Storage Cabinets That Keep Flammable Liquids Safe

Having flammable liquids in your home or in your workplace can be dangerous if they are not stored away properly. The chances of fire increase dramatically and we all know how dangerous and unpredictable a fire can be, and how many lives have been lost in such tragedies.

In most places having a flammable storage cabinet to store away any flammable liquids or gasses is a must by law, and it is advised that having one in your home may give you those extra minutes to evacuate an emergency situation. So when considering purchasing a flammable storage cabinet you might be interested in finding out how they work, and how much safer it will make you workplace or home.

flammable storage cabinet

Before you go out and purchase a flammable storage cabinet you must remember a few key things, the first is to make sure you look for a flammable storage cabinet with a sturdy construction. Most flammable liquid storage cabinets have to be built according to the guidelines and laws of where ever you may reside. These guidelines have been put in place to assure the safety of customers. Most manufacturers, however, will look to exceed the laws that have been put in place by adding features and options that will only make the flammable storage cabinet even safer. There are also laws in place as how you as the consumer must store the liquids, chemicals or gasses.

Flammable storage cabinets must be constructed out of the strongest and toughest materials (mostly from steel) so that they can stand a chance against a fire. A flammable storage cabinet manufacturer knows how dangerous chemicals and flammables are, so they make their cabinets from double walled, 18 gauge galvanized steel. The double walls have space between them to ensure extra fire resistance as well as a range of other features some of which include slopes shelves in case of a leak, vents with built-in flame resistance. Some models even come with a self-closing feature. These flammable storage cabinets are usually bright red or bright yellow depending on what it’s being stored inside. By law, they always have to be labeled with bright, bold, large warning labels, entailing that there are flammables inside.

Most manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the safety of their products as well as being innovative and bringing new features that will improve day to day life. Some extra features that have been added in recent years have been a lock and key making sure that nobody can open the cabinet without you knowing. There are some models that are designed to close if the temperatures rise. They feature a fusible hinge that melts when the temperature rises more than 74 degrees; the hinge melts and the door close automatically keeping the contents safe from the fire.

If you are looking to install a flammable storage cabinet in your home or workplace, you should always make sure you meet the standard of local law. If you are unsure about these laws you can always ask your local fire department. You should choose a flammable cabinet depending on where you want to store it, you can find cabinets that will fit anywhere like wall mountable cabinets or under counter cabinets. You can try finding local retailers, or you can look online and have flammable cabinets delivered to you.


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