Fun in the Snow: Be Trendy and Protected!

Okay, so you’ve got it all planned, the time and date of the winter holiday, the retreat where you’d get to spend quality time with family and friends; it’s all perfect!

It’s the event you’ve been waiting for months, and the thought of having fun in the snow and drinking hot chocolate already puts you in a good mood.

So far so good, yet when it comes to gearing up the thought of packing already stresses you out. How to stay warm and dry and look great at that?

Worry not, the wide range of snow equipment at specialised stores is functional but trendy too, so you can hit the slopes well prepared and in style without sacrificing one or the other; all the layering and layering doesn’t imply it can only be done for practical reasons.

Remember, first and foremost it’s about the outer layer, the one that would protect you directly from the cold, keep you snug and dry, like the jumpsuit, or jacket and pants if you prefer separate parts, so what you need to ensure is the ones you choose are known for their weatherproof and breathable properties. It’s also the one that gets the attention.

You’ve got plenty of high-tech items to choose from in this respect as they’re also fashionable and guarantee utmost protection from snow, like the Burton Swash jacket that’s fully sealed with a GORE-SEAM tape, adjustable cuffs, water-resistant zippers, interior pockets, patterning allowing more mobility and lining with moisture-wicking properties.

Looking for the pants that would be the perfect fit yet at the same time offer the needed climate control, you’re sure to come across a variety of leggings catching your eye with style as much as with comfort thanks to the soft touch on the skin, and of course warmth with the moisture-wicking features, so they have thermal properties without being bulky like pants.

Best of all is, apart from the trendy look, you can wear them as a base layer for pants too if you decide to go for pants after all, or are going to a place that’s particularly cold.

To stay comfortable and cosy under the outer layer, opt for natural fabrics and items such as wool and bamboo turtlenecks and forget about cotton as it won’t help you much in staying dry. The same goes for socks because the last thing you want is having your fun ruined by cold and wet feet!

When it comes to adding some colour, you can do that with the help of boots as well as accessories, gloves, helmets and sunglasses, for instance, as the basics.

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