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If you have a garden, you can consider yourself blessed. Having the chance to sit and relax outdoor, surrounded by grass, trees and fresh air is a real gift, especially in hot summer days and nights. Imagine having your friends over, sitting around your wicker outdoor garden table, drinking cocktails and having fun. Now this is more than a good summer night, right. It is ‘life is good’ moment.

So, the logical thing to do is to take extra good care of your outdoor oasis. But, what should you do? No need for a complete makeover; few simple changes can make a huge difference. Ergo, make a plan on how you can refresh the look of your outdoor area. Here are few pointers to get you on the right track. Let’s get working.


  • Sun Protection

You can choose from various options like a gazebo, summerhouses, umbrellas, shade sails and more. Summerhouses are good for both sun protection and rain. But they are small and can’t fit a nice large outdoor garden table, so you’ll have to choose something smaller in size. Gazebos are great if you prefer candles. They are mainly large iron structures that allow you to place an outdoor garden table and chairs in the middle and light the entire ambient with candelabras.

But if you wish to protect your table from rain, wind or sun, you can close the entire structure with a fancy canvas. Another great thing are shade sails, which are big canvases attached to both ends of your garden space, mainly covering the area where your outdoor garden table and chairs are placed, including children’s play area. They aren’t permanent, and maybe not as convenient, but are very stylish.

  • Seating

Your outdoor garden table should be large enough to comfortably fit at least 4 people for a dinner or for coffee or cocktail get-togethers with friends. In regards to the seating, it is best to choose chairs; they are more comfortable than benches or sectionals. You can add a sun bed or two for soaking up the sun.

  • The Barbecue

What’s the garden for if not for preparing delicious barbecue on a Sunday afternoon with your friends or family. Get a good barbecue set. Place it close to your outdoor garden table, to have an easy and quick access to the delicious meats you’re preparing.

  • Accessories

Up until recently, it wasn’t considered convenient nor necessary to use cushions, pillows, hanging candelabras, lanterns and similar accessories for a garden. Nowadays, the garden has become the summer mansion where all the parties and gatherings take place. You need to make it modern and pleasant for spending time in it. Cushions, pillows, sunbeds, siting bags in all colours are more than welcomed to be used for turning your garden into a stylish and fashionable place.

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