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Here’s Why Slippers Are So Popular

After a long day at work, often in uncomfortable shoes that don’t allow the feet to breathe, we come home and change into our slippers, which is a moment of relief for our feet allowing them to rest and recover from all the stress. Many people wear slippers at home because they don’t like walking barefoot, but there are also a number of other benefits that you should be aware of.

The Benefits of Wearing Slippers Around the House

First and Foremost: Comfort

Many people ascribe their foot discomfort to walking on hard floors throughout the day without any proper protection for the foot. And simply wearing socks around the house isn’t enough, since they don’t qualify as the right supporting barrier for your feet.


Since quality slippers have been designed to hug your natural footprint and avoid any discomforts that you may experience from walking barefoot, you’ll feel true comfort. Also, wearing slippers will help you find relief if you have a foot condition that gives you plenty of pain and discomfort. A good pair of comfy slippers may be a big convenience around the house.

Protect Your Feet from Cold Floors

If you’re one of many people who are afflicted with colds and flu often throughout the year, you should concentrate on strengthening your immune system. When your feet are chilly, the blood vessels in your body constrict instinctively to assist in keeping your body warm. And when blood flow is decreased, there are fewer white cells that help protect your body from infections. When you wear slippers, your feet stay warm and the heat loss is reduced significantly, allowing blood to flow normally through and allowing your body’s defences to battle infections and illnesses more effectively.

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Prevent Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Slippers can help protect your feet from infectious foot illnesses including athlete’s foot and toenail fungal infections. Even if you’re simply wearing them around the home, the ground may contain more germs than you realise.

Plus, when shoes are worn outside the house and then brought inside, they bring with them all of the dirt, germs, and other elements they encountered while out in the world. Even if you’re a stickler for cleanliness, slippers protect you from bringing in any bacteria and germs. You should always take your shoes off before entering your house and use inside-only slippers to keep the dirt off your floors.

Maintain Proper Posture and Balance

If you’re wearing supportive slippers, they should have adequate arch support built in to keep your feet comfy, relieve the pressure points of your foot and improve your balance and stability with each step. Because the curvature of the foot supports our posture, the slippers you choose should give support as well as protection, so that you may stand and walk without any problems. You may buy orthopaedic insoles or pick specific, well-fitting slippers for this reason, like ones with some arch support to ensure that you get the full range of health benefits that slippers provide.

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Better Blood Flow and Circulation

Improper blood circulation is one of the primary causes of swollen feet. Many people have swollen feet as a result of a medical condition such as diabetes or just poor blood circulation in their lower limbs.

Wearing supportive and comfy slippers might assist to increase blood flow to your feet, reducing the amount of oedema you suffer. This will help to decrease the swelling you are experiencing. Slippers that are recommended by orthopaedics are accessible online and in retail shops. These are made to properly fit your foot and support its vital structural parts. Investing in a pair of supportive slippers might be a game-changer if you’re tired of having swollen feet.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pair of Slippers

It appears that slippers are more closely linked to our health than just being comfortable shoes to wear around the house, therefore selecting a pair shouldn’t be something we do without thought.

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Don’t just order a pair of slippers that is the same size as your regular shoes. Make sure to try them on and make sure that they fit properly, never being too tight or pushing your feet into an uncomfortable or even painful posture. Or if you prefer online shopping, measure your feet properly and compare them with the dimensions listed by the seller. When it comes to slippers, usually it’s better to go a size larger than your usual shoe size.

While shoes like Oxfords are more stylish, slippers have their own set of fashionable designs too since they can be made of all sorts of materials. Speaking of materials, nowadays, there are many available on the market, however, you should consider which materials are healthy for your feet, which aid in their recovery, and which are the most pleasant when put on. Some like softer slippers rather than tight woven materials, but keep in mind that they must feel comfy on the feet and also durable enough for long-term use.

And another thing to keep in mind, besides the materials, is the sole of the slippers. The harder the floors you have in your house, the thicker the sole of your slippers should be, even for those whose homes have numerous carpets and rugs.

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