Hunting for Scandinavian Trends: The Sofa Bed

Scandinavian Sofa Bed

Considered the all-time favourite focal point in a living room, the sofa urges for some considerations. What I mean by this is consideration stylistically, as much as functionally. What’s in a focal point? It’s the attractive feature that calls for … Continued

Kids’ Bedroom Trends for 2017

When trying to make the most of decorating our kids’ bedrooms, it’s needless to say it’s a project that’s just as important to us as it is for them. Yes, they are their rooms, but we want out of them … Continued

Original Artwork: The Constant Interior Design Trend

Though we’ve gotten plenty of means to use as inspiration for home makeovers, thanks to the rapid improvement of technology, and we might be encouraged enough to trust our gut when it comes to our designer skills, there’s still a … Continued