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Kids Playing the Guitar: A Trend with Many Benefits

Having a hobby does not only benefit adults but children as well. There are times when kids get bored from routine, be it at home or at school, so having a pastime activity they can look forward to is a solution to break the monotony.

Such activities are recommended because they inspire kids to be creative and motivate them to do something new and enjoyable. Though there are all sorts of hobbies, currently the biggest trend is kids learning to play the guitar.

beginner guitar for child

Introducing Kids to the World of Music

Children can get easily bored and lose attention when there’s a great deal of complex learning involved. Unless you want to frighten them early on and create an aversion towards music altogether, it’s best to teach them the complexities of guitar playing gradually.

Having in mind adults as beginners often complain about the difficulty with playing chords, first and foremost, it’s best to get a beginner guitar for child in a design specifically created for the little hands. Though the best time in a kid’s life to start playing is around 7 to 8 years old, there are some mini designs perfect for the tiny fingers of kids as young as 3. Investing in such an instrument is the ideal way to get them to fall in love with it and music.

Before they can move on to having guitar lessons and learning the chords and scales, they’d come to enjoy the instrument itself, having fun at home on their own. In fact, there are some guitars that come with free specialised apps with instructions, video lessons and easy songs. Add to this some backing tracking and instructions on songs from famous artists like the Beatles, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift (, and you’ve got success guaranteed.

Reaping the Benefits from Guitar Playing

If you need some convincing as to why this pastime activity happens to be a great idea, then you only need to find out the advantages it brings about.

Enjoyable for the Whole Family

Enjoyable for the Whole Family

First and foremost, it’s fun! This is exactly what a child needs – have all the fun in the world without even noticing he or she is learning while doing so. The thrill that comes from seeing the parents and other relatives excited about the performance is worth the effort – you can be sure your child will become aware of it early on when playing the guitar for child. Best of all is parents get to enjoy it too, especially when seeing their kids perform parts or whole songs for the family.

Good for Coordination and Memory

Next up, there’s a direct influence on the development of hand coordination given that both hands are active at the same time. Additionally, when they get to learn the songs, even if it’s just some bits, they improve their memory too. This makes it easy further on when learning the chords, as well as with school tasks having in mind a basic understanding of music can be of help with maths, particularly the fractions for kids, and vocabulary.

Ideal As A Hobby for Life playing guitar

Ideal As A Hobby for Life

Not to mention, such a hobby is helpful later on in adult life. This is something a person can turn to in times of trouble as a way to cope with problems, express themselves through music and even manage to make a living in case money runs out.

Useful for Patience and Concentration

Now more onto the immediate benefits. Your child will learn how to be patient about playing the kids guitar and not complain about the learning process and throw tantrums. Moreover, the concentration gets an improvement as well, and let’s be honest, we could all do with more concentration in life; even us adults have a hard time with it sometimes, so the sooner this is accomplished the better.

Convenient for a Boost in Confidence

As the child continues growing successful with the instrument, so will his or her confidence. Even without you pushing them into a career in music, they have bigger chances of doing so themselves as they’d get to feel good about the hobby.

way to keep you focused

Helpful for a Lesson of Responsibility

This way, you can also have your peace of mind you’d get a child who’d grow into a responsible individual. Besides getting a hold of organisation when sticking to a learning schedule, they can get the gist of why and how to be careful with the small guitar, keeping it clean before and after play and protecting it from damages.

Handy for Socialisation

And lastly, it’s the perfect activity that allows for your child to make new friends and work on the most important social skills – especially when he or she gets to practice in a school, surrounded by others around the same age. Without it being too apparent, playing the guitar offers the chance to improve your child’s social life.

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