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Modern Bedroom Trends

Tired of your boring bedroom? Refresh your sleeping space with this year’s modern bedroom furniture and decor trends.

It is always the perfect time for renovating projects and why not start with the bedroom. This is the one place where you can apply your personal taste, style and latest design trends you favour. But remember, the most important thing is to find the perfect balance between your taste and the latest trends. It is all about subtle elegance and simplicity. Less is more.

Modern and creative bedroom design trends give a plenty of opportunities for everyone to create a unique home interior that will perfectly reflect their personalities and show off their character. If you are eager to discover some relaxing, stylish, fresh and exciting ideas for your bedroom, check out these popular go-to trends.

Medieval Bedroom

This is among the most popular trends for 2015. It does not only feature modern bedroom furniture, but antique, as well as decorative accessories with accents inspired by Medieval times mixed with contemporary designs. An exciting and interesting modern mixture of contemporary and classic styles. Tapestries, abstract paintings and artworks can additionally enrich the Medieval bedroom design. Include some gently curved wood details if your furniture has simple, clean lines. Use neutral colours.\


Floral Wall Art

Adding a floral wall art is a fresh new idea for this year. The beauty of natural flowers can instantly refresh your bedroom. For all the lovers of natural tones, adding a floral wall art in your favourite room is the way to go. Hang a floral-themed painting or a print on the largest wall of your bedroom to immediately turn the room from blah to fab. Designers recommend dandelion, simply because it is beautiful in all sizes.


Mid-Century Modern Flair

The Mid-Century has always been a trending bedroom design and in 2015, this bedroom design is expected to make a huge impact on a global level. In addition to modern bedroom furniture that sets a special tone, this design comes with clean lines and bold colours to add a vibrant tone. The magic of 60s will easily find its way into any home in the form of Mid-Century style.


Blue Is Always Trendy

Blue is a go-to and a perfect choice for bedrooms. It is one of the strongest trends for interior designs all around the world, as well as in all industries. You can never go wrong with blue, especially not in 2015. Purchase blue modern bedroom furniture available in different shades, add a set of throw pillows in sky-blue colour to create a blue magic. Use this colour for all elements in your bedroom: lamp, pillows, cushions, drapes, flowers, walls, etc. Just make sure you do not over do it. Keep it simple.



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